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Why hello there stranger. I remember the walks we used to have in the moonlight on the beach. Back then I wasn't Christopher Walken, and you weren't a Heavy dating that tramp medic.

Time changes us all.

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Thank you for your time and advice. It seems it's almost unanimous that the best think to do is get a new slim one. I guess I could get a ps2 at a later date and enjoy some newer PS3 games meanwhile.

I'm sorry, I'm new to the forums, is there a way to close this topic now, or request locking? Since the answer is resolved, no sense of it taking space.

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Hello everyone,

I'm in the market for a PS3 atm, I've been wanting one for ages, with great titles like MGS4 and Demons Souls seducing me. What really drove me over the edge, was Okami HD.

Now at the same time, my ps2 died for good it seems, and it still has a massive library of amazing games that I'd like to play. A store near me has a first generation 60gb PS3 which has full backwards compatibility. It's slightly used, and goes for 250 euros, the same price as a new PS3 here. However, I am told that 1st gen PS3s are more sought after than newer ones for their BC, and therefore cost a bit more. What I want to ask is, does it play everything, does it have issues with some games, and is that worth getting the 60gb instead of the bigger standard HDs that come with the PS3 today.

So I guess what I'm looking for here is advice. Has any of you used a 1st gen PS3, and knows how well it plays PS2 games? Or am I better off just grabbing a cheap used ps2 and getting a newer slim PS3?