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I'm in the EU PSN: dLbdab (lowercase L) Not very good at souls games but like the look of the new mechanics. Just need to wait for the game update to download.

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Based in the UK

OriginID: dibdab75

I'm easy to spot i'll be the one panicking and dying a lot.

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I have just watched the talk and think Patrick needs to be congratulated on an excellent talk on a difficult subject.

It maybe that as a giant bomb user I connected with some of the things he talked about more, as we followed him through some of them. But when he talked about the thread the community made for him after his fathers passing I started to well up. I also thought his closing was one of the best I have heard.

Good on you sir you did yourself and the giant bomb community proud.

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In case this hasn't already been posted Cards Against Humanity is now officially available on Amazon in the UK. Heard about it through twitter and have ordered myself a copy.

So any fellow Brits who have been waiting for this, the wait is finally over.

Christmas family game time should be a lot more interesting this year.

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100% agreed

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Here's an idea. May not be a good one but here goes.......

Why doesn't the community contact New Balance and ask if they could make a 'special' custom pair that could be auctioned off to raise money for charity or Ryan's family. I am sure we could all come up with some ideas for the right color scheme and wording ect.

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I was thinking of writing a blog post but this sums up everything i could have said. Probably better than I could have said it.

Funny though, even though i'm feeling low i can't think about Ryan Davis without smiling.

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@PhantomGardener about 12 hours in total. Didn't play any online though that might extend things a bit.
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Should have updated this sooner. I finished the game in a weekend.

Unfortunately the makers of the game didn't think about reply value. Once you have finished the game you are done. You can revisit dungeons but bosses do not re-spawn.

So long as you are aware of that going in you should be fine. It was fun while it lasted but all ended to soon.

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My condolences on your loss Patrick and family.