Little has changed

My pc still rocks, once more stole my buddies ps3 and played the hell outa Bioshock  1 & 2  as well as Red Dead. Everyone one of them...awesome! Will be getting a 360, I just wanna play Halo, as in 3, odst, reach and wars. Bought Empire Total War. Technically great, but no total war title has ever beat Rome TW for sheer fun......imho. X2 The Threat still rates highly in my current games played and have been playing it for a good long time. The X series suffers in the way the recent total wars have. Technically more proficient, just not as fun.  
Still working the 2 jobs which is slowly killing me and haven't post on Elliquiy for quite a while. Gonna lose my lady partners if I'm not careful. 


First time for everything

Ok, I'm not a blogger, I work 2 jobs which leaves me permanently tired with not much time.

Lately though (since Christmas) have custom built a PC which I'm happy with.
Have played Fallout 3 on a PS3 (my mates machine which I had for a few months) and on a better then average PC.
Well, it was good on the PS3, but blew me away on the PC. Still too many bugs though, despite the lastest patch. Extremely disappointed that the PC version only supports a 360 gamepad and can't use my old reliable Saitek 2600. Thanks Microsoft, keep up the good work of alienating everybody you can by doing stupid things.
If this was a review, the PS3 version would score 4/5 and so does the PC version, though superior, pissed me off on the gamepad issue.
Next game to buy, Empire Total War.

Yeah OK, you may think I'm an idiot, but  way too  tired to care right now.

Probably be a while before another blog MAY appear.