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Sounds like Mr Redner needs a way to cheer himself up...perhaps he could fire up Duke Nukem Forever and throw some poo around!

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Okay, I can understand where people are coming from in regards to a Shenmue 3. For years I have wanted Shenmue 3 mainly due to the epic story being told with the first two games which was building towards a fantastic conclusion....but here's the rub. Do I want a third game or do I just want to know the conclusion regardless of the medium. At this point, I don't even know.

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4 due to its the only one I own :)

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I have a 5 yr old pc, kinda old and wheezy. It still gets used for gaming, but the cost to upgrade (and it needs a FULL upgrade..cpu, RAM, mobo, graphics card, psu.) just isn't a possibility in the current financial climate. (struggling to keep the house). The only thing worth keeping is the case.

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I do seem to remember a certain Prince of Persia game where you had to buy the DLC just to finish the game or the game just stopped.

I can see what they original poster is saying and I do agree to a point. DLC is fine if it adds to an already full and complete game, but if you pay $60 for a limited experience where you have to pay more just to get a worthy game then that sucks. Its a reason why I'm so careful when I buy.

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This is going to shock, but she doesn't like Borderlands...I know, I know, how crazy is that?

oo Splinter cell conviction, I had forgotten all about that.

Yeah, Red Dead and left4dead are a ton of fun, but after 5 months, it gets a little samey.

I love L.A, Noire, its a great game, especially when got it as a birthday present. I wish I had a female to...have fun with. lol

Again, thank you, your responses are appreciated. :)

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That's awesome gang, I really appreciate it. Many many thanks. I'll pass them onto my pal and we can go through them together. Some games I hadn't heard of in there, but love the idea of an RPG as well as the shooters.

(Thanks for the website cartvader)

The Giant Bomb community is just the best!

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I'm looking for a decent online co op game for myself and a friend to play. Since I'm pretty knew to the XB Live experience thought I would ask my fellow bombers if there were any games that stood out from the rest that has a great co-op online features.

We've already played some left4dead2 and some red dead and are pretty easy whether we play FPS or third person games, just any ideas would be great.

eerr thank you...thank you very much.

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Congratulations ea, you've given even more people reason not to buy your games. Silly sods.

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My common sense tells me not to get my hopes up...
However, I loved the 'Aliens' movie and have been waiting so long for a game that is worthy of the name that I'm excited by this news.
I just hope my common sense is wrong.