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My common sense tells me not to get my hopes up...
However, I loved the 'Aliens' movie and have been waiting so long for a game that is worthy of the name that I'm excited by this news.
I just hope my common sense is wrong.

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My pc isn't far from my tv and has two dvid sockets. One is hooked to my monitor, the other hooked up to my dvi socket on the back of the tv. Simples!

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@ theodacourt
I'm guessing the McLarens are better in race trim with all the extra weight of the fuel while the Red Bulls are stunningly quick with low fuel (probably set up for qualifying more than the race), but lose some of the balance of the car with a full fuel tank. That's just a guess though.

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No, my last was a complete disaster and I have no intention of repeating the experience.

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I think Seb is too far ahead already for anyone to catch. Red Bull seem to have sorted most of their glitches from last year and the blown diffuser although a big help to Red Bull probably won't affect the car too much as they have time to figure a new system (unless things go horribly wrong). They also have a better front wing than the other teams, although McLaren are oh so close!

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Oh I think it will. Naturally it will be more about our diminishing resources than religious based, effectively a resource war unless the technology to use hydrogen instead of oil takes a very big step in the next few years. Pretty much all (major) wars are about controlling resources.

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Um, I have 3. IE I use ONLY for the BBC homepage...mainly for the weather forecast, Chrome is Google uk and Firefox is for Giant Bomb!

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Meh, Ryan is a self confessed dick when it comes to interns...see the happy hour when it was done through a laptop webcam at the start of the year. I get the impression its all light hearted though.

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There are so many awesome games in the 360 back catalogue which can be picked up for very little money (usually on Amazon). Stop asking questions and go have a ton of fun!!! :)

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Gazho Earsol ...hmm, not sure