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Everything I am depends on whether I have a good nights sleep. If I have a bad night I can be outsmarted by a spoon. On a good day, move your ass over Stephen Hawking. :)

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Yes, actually I do want to, have tried to by contacting Whiskey media, but it couldn't be done :( The name I'm using is from a time quite far back and I'm sick of it now. I want to use a more current name. The only way I can do that is wait until my paid membership expires and create a new account (advised by the helpful peeps at WM)

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Okay, here's the bad news, You are going to die, but here's the good. Hopefully not for a real long time. You may get a touch of food poisoning and have to spend a while on the loo, but that should be about it.

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I can only recommend what I use, which is the creative fatality headset, which you can buy a version with jack plugs (useful for plugging into other stuff) or the usb version. I tried cheaper ones long ago, but they had a habit of breaking.

Good luck.

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A 32X. I don't know why I did it...I just figured the megadrive was awesome, the 32X should've been too. Worst gaming choice ever!

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Vinny! Happy birthday duder!

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Nah, I'm good with what I have.

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The only console I bought on release date was my original xbox. Everything else I have waited years before buying. There's three main reasons for this. The first is technical issues. RRoD put me off buying the 360 and the price put me off the PS3. Secondly, with the 360 revised version (Jasper chipset and new look) along with a cheaper price convinced me it was time to buy. Thirdly, by the time I bought it, there was already a huge catalogue of quality games at fantastic prices.

All my previous consoles Megadrive, Playstation 1&2 , N64, Gamecube were all bought well into their cycles

It's the same with games, I wait 6 months after release before buying for better prices and the games patched so the majority of bugs are fixed. I generally play single player so whether others are playing the mutiplayer or not doesn't matter.

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Aliens SE closely followed by The Fifth Element.