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I used to, I was painfully shy and a real fish out of water at social events. It felt like I had nothing in common with the people around me whether at a party or gathering or not. Any type of gathering was incredibly stressful.

Time has helped me. Since I'm an old bastard now I just don't give a shit. I don't do social events anymore as I don't do small talk. There are 3 people on this planet that I can tolerate for extended periods of time, I pretty much ignore the rest.

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Yep, I'm in the wrong country too. I'm suitably jealous.

Regardless, enjoy your new system.

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Games are great fun on PCs.

Games are great fun on consoles.

No big whup, just go with the flow and enjoy your games with whatever you have.

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I choose to use Adblock. I have a very limited time on this planet and I will use it in a way that suits me. If I don't wish to be marketed at, then that's my choice. I pay for the subscription for giantbomb to avoid ads and support the guys although this is the only site I pay to subscribe to. Again, my choice.

It does annoy me when people try to guilt trip others into not using Adblock. Please don't. It's their choice whether you agree or not.

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@patrickklepek Patrick, duder, I'm damned angry that you've had to put up with the crap you had with threats to Katie and trolls taking shots concerning your dad. Sorry you've had to put up with that shit. No-one should have to. These people are nothing but utter scum.

If it gives you any hope, a guy in Manchester was arrested after making rape threats against a woman on Twitter. I have no idea if he will do time. 21 years old with a chip the size of Texas on his shoulder just because his victim had campaigned to have a female figure on one of our banknotes. Totally nuts.

Funny thing is, when I look at Mr Annoyed Gamer I can't help think of Peter Griffin and what 'Grinds his Gears'. He should also take a good long look in the mirror before opening his mouth and criticizing people for not wanting to give comment on an unconfirmed story.

As for Phil, he needs to get off the net and hire a pr guy/gal should he decide to keep making Fez 2 (I hope) and not get drawn into Twitter rants. It doesn't do him or anyone else any good.

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A Rorie Story.


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When I found out earlier about Ryan's death I was shocked. As the day has progressed it has turned into a sadness so profound I'm fighting back the tears and gut punch feeling I have. Since I'm not an overly emotional person and haven't cried in over a decade the fact that I feel so damned bad and watery eyed is the biggest tribute I can make to Ryan. You had a massive impact on me Ryan and I'm gonna miss you.

With me feeling so bad I can only imagine what the GB crew and Ryan's friends and family are going through and of course, most of all Anna. My thoughts and love are with you.

R.I.P Ryan

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Just found out via my buddy texting me as my pc was in pieces yesterday. I thought he was joking. I'm gutted to find out he wasn't.

Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Drew, Patrick, Alexis, Alex and Rorie (and anyone else who I've missed)... guys, I can't imagine what this is like for you, let alone his family and of course his wife. This is so sad. Ryan was the 'bombcast', he was a fantastic host for everything Giant Bomb. His loss will be felt for a very very long time.

RIP Ryan.

We'll all miss you buddy.

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Is it my imagination or has the 'internet' become even more like a spoiled brat lately?

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@zonerender: I agree with you completely. I think it's a damn shame.

All the interest I had in the next gen of consoles has fizzled away completely.