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Only butt hurt fanboys will declare the PC is dead.

The rest of us know that there is satisfaction to be had from both consoles and PC's as long as the games keep coming.

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I've pilfered this from elsewhere


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I'm just watching the tutorial videos now. It does look interesting. Since I have a week off I might give this a blast, see if I get any good at it. I was kind of hoping the guys might give us a livestream or quicklook to see how good the gameplay is and the level of competition I can expect.

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I've done 10 hours straight on Skyrim, but I think I did longer sessions with Elite back on the C64. I have a week off in Feb and I'm thinking of having a monster session during then. Haven't decided on a game yet though.

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Nope. I was always a console player, but over the last couple of years I've been upgrading my PC and enjoying the offerings from Steam and what the new consoles are offering isn't enough for the money. Maybe in a couple of years I'll reconsider when they both have a decent amount of games, but at the moment my 360 and PC are enough.

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My love for Skyrim started on the 360. My buddy bought it me as a gift for Christmas 2011. Played it through a couple of times, must have hit 300 hours on it. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Since then, I bought the legendary version for the pc and have gone through 700 hours with that version alone. I'm still playing it and still enjoying it.

It's my game of the generation and the only other game that got close was Red Dead Redemption.

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Good luck Ian. Have an excellent 2014 and beyond.

And for an outlandish and outrageous and 'no way will that ever happen' prediction, Dominik Diamond from the Gamesmaster tv show (in the 90's) will be joining Giant Bomb as he's as bonkers as the rest of them here.

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Well if Youtube keeps doing what it's doing, then soon nobody will be able to watch anything other than watching an old lady/young child fall over and then being photobombed by the dog/cat/BradShoemaker.

I'd better register my new domain, dudetube where I'll have a policy of 'fuck it, do what you like.' :)

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Fantastic article Patrick, a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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I used to, I was painfully shy and a real fish out of water at social events. It felt like I had nothing in common with the people around me whether at a party or gathering or not. Any type of gathering was incredibly stressful.

Time has helped me. Since I'm an old bastard now I just don't give a shit. I don't do social events anymore as I don't do small talk. There are 3 people on this planet that I can tolerate for extended periods of time, I pretty much ignore the rest.