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Nah, I'm good with what I have.

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The only console I bought on release date was my original xbox. Everything else I have waited years before buying. There's three main reasons for this. The first is technical issues. RRoD put me off buying the 360 and the price put me off the PS3. Secondly, with the 360 revised version (Jasper chipset and new look) along with a cheaper price convinced me it was time to buy. Thirdly, by the time I bought it, there was already a huge catalogue of quality games at fantastic prices.

All my previous consoles Megadrive, Playstation 1&2 , N64, Gamecube were all bought well into their cycles

It's the same with games, I wait 6 months after release before buying for better prices and the games patched so the majority of bugs are fixed. I generally play single player so whether others are playing the mutiplayer or not doesn't matter.

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Aliens SE closely followed by The Fifth Element.

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Banks only recognize week days and trading hours. If I put money in, it has to be before 3.30pm for it to be processed. It really depends on the bank on how quick money transfers take. My brother transferred some money to my account by phone and it was available instantly (same bank, same branch) and cheques clear overnight so I guess  have a good one.

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The only soda I drink is coke so its a mute point for me.

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Unfortunately we have lost a lot of content. Video reviews are once in a blue moon, ILM seems to have gone, (WU)TANG, even just mail bag editions (with the occasional exception) seem to have gone the way of the Dodo. We get the occasional event feature and Whiskey media happy hour which just doesn't make up for the losses. Only the Bombcast and quick looks are giving me content I want to watch and hear.

I feel when the WM sites were moved into one office Giant Bomb lost out in a big way. Tested, Comic Vine and Screened seem to have way more video footage now where Giant Bomb has very little and the happy hour gets nowhere near in filling that void. Chances are I won't be re-subscribing when the time comes.

EDIT * I forgot TNT...which I can never participate in due to living on the other side of the world and having to work on Friday's...I'm Doomed i tell ya... DOOMED!!!

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hhmm, what.? Sorry, someone jangled some keys near me.

Yes, In some ways I'm the same. I need variety, new story twists to keep my attention and of course, excellent gameplay that doesn't feel overly repetitive.

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I only complete a game to 100% if it manages to hold my interest. I'll play the story and many of the side missions as long as they are fun. Once it stops being fun, I stop playing. As for achievements, I don't really care.

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MSE has rated very well (better than a lot of paid suites) It sits quietly without slowing your system down and doesn't bug you every 2 minutes and updates with Windows update. Easy. So... I'm with the majority of the thread. MSE!