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Welcome Patrick to the funnest gaming site on the net. I look forward to seeing your work here.


HHmm, well I enjoy reading  the standard news posts, but it could be great to have Patrick have a segmant on the Whiskey Media Happy hour, or have him do the news on the Bombcast with his own unique insight which gets my primary vote.


Another podcast is a real possability or maybe Patrick could have his own mini show going through the stories of the week. I miss all the features that used to be packed into the video section so that could be cool.

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I'm using the 360 wired stock controller. (I already had plenty of usb extension cables)

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I have some X11's. the games sound awesome, the connections available for hooking it up are many and varied... there is a whine when you are hooked up to your controller, but once playing, you barely notice it. (just adjust the 'chat' volume) I just plugged it in and it worked
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Lord Soran


Feel free to add.


I sneakily have a second gold account..mwuhahahahaaaa (no, that isn't the gamertag) :p    

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I would imagine there is a vast number of species roaming the universe considering the sheer magnitude of it. Would an advanced species really be interested in visiting us? My own opinion is no. We are still very primative beings. 10 minutes of listening to online game chat from xbl would convince them of that....unless it was that Duke Nukem Ventrillo clip...Balls of Steal!
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HHMMM well, If I let the wife live, she would nag me everytime I tried to play on my 360........the kid would have no respect while balling it's lungs out while I'm busy trying to headshot someone. If the doctor is a sexy single wealthy babe (that loves games) who just wants to get into my underwear...I'll pick her! (I would've made sure I had a nice fat insurance policy on the wife)
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30 seconds after finding the site. I knew the guys from the Gamespot days and how they were the reason why I went there. It was a no brainer to join up.
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This is a cheap connection costing approx $14 a month so I'm happy.


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Not a one. Will wait until prices decrease and the patches are in place to fix the broken bits.
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It's an interesting idea, but as the GB guys here frequently say...this is just their opinion of a game. You tend to read reviews of games from reviewers whose tastes in games fit your own. However, those questions..oh boy were they dumb.


In some ways, like in MANY sites I have visited, people post before their brain has kicked in and unfortunately those questions are proof postive. Good intentions by IGN... will be abused horribly by morons.