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On weekends usually a couple of hours for games I enjoy. For games that had a massive impact like Elite on the C64 or Skyrim on this machine, anything up to 6 hours.

Weekdays, not so much, usually knackered when I get home. Maybe an hour or 2 if I'm up to it.

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Dave, to me you were as much GiantBomb as much as Jeff so seeing you go...it's really tough. But, you are a dad now and priorities change so I can understand.

You will be missed, actually you'll be missed a whole fucking bunch.

I could just wish you well (and I do), but more importantly, Be Happy!

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Good, now *someone* can get this series back up on Steam/GOG/everything else. Seriously, I don't have my discs anymore, and I don't even know if Homeworld 2 will run on Windows 7 x64 without any fuss.

I haven't gone through all the comments to see if this has been replied to yet, but GOOD NEWS, Homeworld 2 does run on win 7 x64, I have the game and play it regularly. :) (It runs great in compatibility mode with v sync on)

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Fantastic article Alex and have a great vacation. :)

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The site will be renamed foulmouthelderlygamer.com where they hit visiting devs with their walking sticks and swearing at them for making yet another world war 2/zombie/CoD games.

I will still be a subscriber. :)

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hhmm, red dead redemption or skyrim... skyrim just scrapes it by a microbe.

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Brucie from GTA 4 because it would be just ccrrraaazzzzyyyyyyy!

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Christ! It's a massacre out there in dev/publisher land.

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I want the reviews, with scores. If someone points me in the direction of a game I want to be able to have a quick reference, especially if its a game that has been out a couple of years. I don't have time to look at all the quick looks or sort out and listen to all of the relevant bits in the bombcast that I might not have remembered .

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KOTOR and Red Dead are standouts to me. I'm sure there are others from the vast amount of games I've played, but those are the 2 in recent memory that spring to mind.