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Steam is awesome, never had an issue with it. Great sales, consistent and stable server and a handy offline mode. Valve created it, so they are awesome too. I haven't played many Valve games, but I've had a ton of fun playing with my mates on Left4Dead 2.

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I suggest you contact Steam support using your original account. If the client is acting up, login to the browser version and contact them that way.

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Boycott it? No.

I'm not buying any next gen console for at least a couple of years for one very simple reason. I'm poor and I'm sure as shit not paying either of those prices £349 or £429 for a games console.

I'll live with what I have until they drop to my price range.

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naw brah, coke and the new pringles Xtra chessy nacho's flavor.

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A life without Brad Muir's Massive Chalice isn't a life worth contemplating.

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Can't be arsed with them most of the time. Then again having fanboys vocally masturbate over their precious devices can be good for a few cheap laughs.

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UK - Halo 3 ODST is currently £11.99 and Batman Arkham Asylum is £14.99... so is MK vs DC, Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur 5.

Dark Souls £8.99 !!! woo hoo

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Damned decent of you! and no, not sticking around for the 11th or 12th post, I need sleep badly. :)

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I just haven't had the time to watch it unfortunately, just got too much on right now, but if others are enjoying it and Brad's enjoying himself then that's great. No harm no foul. :)

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If I had seen you just walking around in RDR free roam I wouldn't have shot you. I always give another person a chance not to enter into unprovoked combat. Just the kind of guy I am.

(I haven't read all the other posts... too many and I'm lazy tonight)