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@demoskinos: I have to agree, I'm not sure who to feel about this yet. I love the podcast and as good as jeff is, he's even better with a funny partner. With Ryan gone and Vinny moving, where's the funny going to be now? =/

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The worst thing is that I - and I believe a lot of you are in the same situation - have no one "in real life" to go through this with me, no one that can understand how deeply sad I feel for the death of someone I've never met once in my life. I've laughed, I've cried, I will always remember you Mr. Davis. Always. You were a great man and a inspiration to us all. Good bye, fella. We'll see you in another life, brother.

Fucking exactly. Giantbomb is my personal thing - I have shown friends videos, but it didn't click.

I'm in the exact same boat. I'm not very active in the community either but I pay my dues and I'm really happy to see that everyone here echoes everything I've already commented or feel. We're all very much connected, in more ways than one! *hugs* to all

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Now, I'm torn between hating Mondays because of this or loving them because we should honor Ryan's vision...

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I am absolutely speechless...

I was casually reading some gaming news/updates at work and saw this. My jaw hit my desk, went through the desk and hit the floor. This was the last thing I expected to see; especially after he was just married!

Ryan was, by far, my favorite guy at Giantbomb. I've lost count of the number of times he has made me laugh while I was listening to the Bombcast. I always looked forward to his jokes and his honesty.

He will be missed!

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You can put up as many articles as you want about how much money and time it takes to make a game, It's not going to change this generation of the internet that produces snarky comments and all around jerk-being. However, it could change the upcoming generation of internet users to be a bit more intelligent.

If you read GAF, it's apparent the majority of users are more concerned with who gets the better snide joke in than who actually created an interesting topic to talk about. In fact, most websites with comments are like that. Even our dear, ol' GiantBomb has comment strings like that some times, but luckily GB users have been much better all around.

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It is a little garbage-y...I'll give you that. =P

Thanks for checking it out!

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Hi all,

I've been a member for a while (premium, might I add! *ahem*) and I have just released my first iOS game this month. It's called Roll Dem Bones and you play as a skull named Demmy, who is collecting back the bones that were stolen from his Graveyard. It's free for Halloween today, so please take a look, download and enjoy! Happy Halloween bombers! (Note, this is my first game and always looking for feedback as this is mostly a learning experience. I have a bunch of stuff I'm already fixing for the next update, but I'm always happy to add to the list if it makes the game better =)

iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/roll-dem-bones-xl/id568422016?ls=1mt=8

iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/roll-dem-bones/id497623692?ls=1mt=8

Just in time for Halloween! You play as Demmy, a skull who is trying to collect all of the Bones that have been stolen from his Graveyard. You'll be able to play levels that require you to hit switches, go through pipes, ride curves and roll to try and collect them all! The game features 40 level at the moment but I am currently working on the next set.

At the start of every level, scroll around to see where the bones are that Demmy needs to collect. Then tap Demmy and he is ready to roll! Press and hold your finger on the screen to aim Demmy where you'd like him to launch to. Each time you press your finger on the screen, it will stop Demmy where he is (on the ground, mid-air...it doesn't matter he will stop!) and where you let go is where he will reroute to. This can be done three times. After three launches, he'll be dizzy but hopefully he'll roll to the coffin and complete the level!

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I haven't played Amnesia yet, but that video was pretty hilarious!

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@LordCmdrStryker said:

@Turambar said:

So, anyone wants to place bets on how many people makes a comment about dismissing Jenn Frank's article out of hand without reading it due to her comments on Leigh Alexander? I say 10 in the next hour.

Leigh Alexander's article was typical sensationalist Kotaku bullshit, so count me as one.

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I find it sad how demoralized woman are in this industry. Personally it never mattered to me whether a person was a man or a woman unless it came to relationship-like things. I wish the internet would grow up a bit :/

I wish women on the internet would grow up a bit. Who the hell said everything had to be equal for everyone all the time? Are there big attitude problems in the video games industry? Hell, yes. But here's a newsflash for you: IT'S A PROBLEM IN LOTS OF OTHER AREAS, TOO. The games industry is NOT SPECIAL. People have shitty ideas about women all over the place but, believe it or not, America has it pretty damn good. And writing articles like these are exactly preaching to the choir - the people who need to hear it the most are the ones least likely to actually read them. What we really need are some studios run mostly by women. What do you mean there aren't enough women in the industry for that? Well, shit, I suppose we have an entirely different problem, then. The industry will change when the people making the games change. Shaking your finger and being indignant will do fuck all.

By the way, I really love it in Ms. Brice's article where she writes that people should change what they say if they're being unintentionally offensive, but she can do it all day because she's offending people on purpose. Classic. EDIT: OH! She also wants to turn video games into a sterilized politically correct socialist institution, and not one driven by the free market, because "Gaming isn’t and hasn’t been a cheap hobby to upkeep, so to say those with the money should decide the kind of content of games is plain lazy when that is mostly white heterosexual men." Fuck. You. Lady.

I know it's a slow news week and all, but after the Phil Fish bullshit and that Randy Pitchford tabloidesque hit job, I'm really considering swearing off video games "journalism" for like 6 months.

I've always thought that 'video game journalism' was an oxymoron...

If not that, it's a lie.

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@Funky_Student_101 said:

I find it sad how demoralized woman are in this industry. Personally it never mattered to me whether a person was a man or a woman unless it came to relationship-like things. I wish the internet would grow up a bit :/

Well you can wish in one hand and use the internet with the other and...