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In the options for the game you can choose to tone down the violence and language in the game. It seems like they have the subtitles on "Safe" mode no matter which version of the game you decide to play.

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Greg Giraldo (RIP)

Dave Attell - Skanks for the Memories

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Sweet. Finally got this quest.

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@onan said:

I'm using chrome and not showing anything in bold. :\

edit: just tried in firefox and no dice there either.

@patrickklepek : why not just take the extra effort and break it up into two smaller lists? "Previously Nintendo had announced these titles, _____ but they are now joined by these titles: _____

No bold here either. Using Firefox 6.0 for Windows.
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@DrJota said:
@Iamun said:
The links to articles on other WM sites in the page footer is linking to whatever page I'm currently on.  For example if I'm on www.giantbomb.com they all link to www.giantbomb.com. This seems to be happening from any page on Giant Bomb (videos, articles, forums etc.) but isn't happening in the footer of any other Whiskey sites.  Tested this in Firefox 4.0.1 and Chrome 11.0.696.71 and getting the same problem.
Seconded here with Firefox 5 Beta.
Also having this problem.
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I can't speak about your particular situation, but for me I wasn't able to have open NAT until I changed settings on my DSL modem.

Old setup: DSL modem handled logging into AT&T

New setup: DSL modem didn't log in. Log in handled by my router which is connected to my DSL modem. Result --> Open NAT.

Not sure if it applies to your situation, but I remember trying a lot of what you're trying and having none of it work until I did this. I did this a long time ago so I don't remember the names of the modes and settings I had to change but I think you get the gist of it.

Good luck.

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Just Googled "pizza tube".

Protip: Never Google "pizza tube".

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No. I like Patrick and all but he's kind of soft spoken. I still kind of equate him with the old 1up stuff. The old 1up stuff was good but it was very different in tone when compared with the old HotSpot.

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This game's intro movie needs to have the Akuma vs. Gouken fight in the volcano. Then just as Akuma is about to finish off Gouken, Kazuya's body lands on Akuma giving Gouken a chance to escape in the confusion. Akuma is, of course, pissed.


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Mine is 1504-5708-0855
Good idea, Xbudz. I'm also going to add everyone on this page.