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Who cares? A lot of people, the people who've given the issue some thought and don't like corporate interest pooping on them. You should have more self respect. Here's your path to englightenment:

What Ubisoft is doing is bad because it breaks the illusion of the game experience. A piece of art is supposed to draw you into the illusion of being a real place, like a book or a movie. Being constantly reminded about real world stuff that is outside the game is a deliberate act of sabotage to the world they have tried to create. That's one reason why it's bad. You wouldn't get Martin Scorsese appearing 20 minutes into his movie to remind you about a web page that contains some background info on the characters.

Another reason is it's inconvenient. Instead of being able to do the game stuff in the game, you have to leave the game to do stuff for the game. That's just plain old bad design.

Third reason it's bad: There's absolutely no point in any of this. There is no benefit to the consumer/player at all. It's purely so Ubisoft Corporate can get your details and attempt to sell you more ethically bankrupt crap. If these tactics work, Ubisoft will push harder and harder until entire areas of the map won't be unlocked until you launch some trash on your phone and give them your home address.

And if you still don't care, fine. But it's YOU that doesn't care, lots of other people do.

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I might just go Premium. Not for the extra content, but because I feel guilty about consuming all the free content for, um, free. I don't use AdBlocker on the site, but a billion ads for Call of Duty are wasted on me.

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Just me or did Jeff sound really sad after the announcement that Vinny was leaving on the podcast? :(

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@garnsr: Seeing two men or women in a relationship only brings up sex if you start thinking about them having sex. They may be celibate and yet still committed. And explaining that two people love each other to a child is hardly contentious unless the parent has an irrational problem with it.

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Zenimax haven't an ethical leg to stand on. Fortunately for them, the law has little relation to ethics.

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@oldirtybearon: I suppose it's a matter of Ken Levine believing he IS Irrational Games, and simply leaving to do something else doesn't make sense. Probably didn't want his old studio to be seen as competition for his new one, the old name being out there making games, claiming to be the 'BioShock studio' when BioShock is largely what he comes up with. It's sad news for those working there, but they'll all get works elsewhere, and who knows what was going on in there, maybe it had become disfucntional and the best thing was to shut it down.

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@plwolf: Don't think you quite understood the problem here. It works better with the disc.

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The only person I can envisage giving GTAV a less than perfect score is Jeff. Clearly he wouldn't be doing it on purpose, but he loves Saints Row 3 and 4 sooo much, I'm not clear if he still appreciates what GTA sets out to do. I assume it's Jeff reviewing it.

I'm not claming GTA V will be perfect, I'm sure there will be quite a lot wrong with it, it is written by Dan Houser after all. But the technical visual achievement is so immense no one will be able to tell what they really think about it until mid October. GTAIV got top scores across the board and yet it was clear to everyone 4 weeks later the game was a bit shit, but the size and detail of the city (which is still mind boggling) is too overwhelming to process in a weekend. Which is why Rockstar gave review copies out for V on Friday.

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