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i was expecting an xbox 360, since i asked for one...

well i didnt get it BUUUUUUT  i got wii fit (pretty cool, the ski jump mini game is awesome) and about 200 dollars AND since wii fit (grrrr) sez im a little overweight, when i go back to the regular BMI n stuff i could get the 360 =/

pretty niiice, but then i'd have to use my cash too =( so i guess i'd get gears of war 1 & 2 (cuz i heard that to play gears 2 correctly you need gears 1)...  gonna try to get them both used :p

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i didnt really want to see it, but i thought it was better than i imagined =/ had some funny moments

-plus the fucking baseball scene fucking rocked!-

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i think its ok to call it toast when its crunchy

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ugh mid-terms will suck ass

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wow, i'd be glad

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wow i think i did pretty good

Highest: 0.351

Lowest: 0.19

Average: 0.23879999999999998   (lol wtf)

Age: 15


Gamer since: since i was like 6 (yet i dont play games too much nowdays, neither have i been too good)

Favoutire genre: Shooters(3rd and 1st person)/Platformers/Open world(which i think r called sandbox too)   =/ can´t choose the best one :p

Fave platform: uhhh neutral? =/ theyre all the same to me but well, Xbox 360 (even tho i dont own one)

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i like...


grey goose

oso negro


pretty much any vodka =/

and i prefer them non-mixed with anything (unless it be vodka jelly!!!)

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save for resident evil 5

or buy clothes

or music cds

or band/games merch

ORRR save the cash in your wallet for when you really want something and buy it at that  moment :D