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MB said:
"Lind_L_Taylor said:
They should put a time limit before the thread locks...give us all 15 minutes to add in our thoughts

Sorry, but that's just not in the cards.  If a thread is prohibited, inappropriate, or spam, it's going to be locked or deleted as soon as a moderator sees it.  I don't know of any forum on the internet that would keep an inappropriate thread up for 15 minutes just so people could put in their two cents."
I understand that and also realize by discussing such, this thread is in danger of becoming off topic.  This was not my intention, being a former moderator for Centropolise Gaming Center (former landing pad for the Mythic Entertainment ship) anyway, I shall become familair with your forum policies as soon as possible.  I'd like to be an active member of this cool online community.  :)  Thanks to everyone for the welcomes and I look forward to ranting and raving games with you all.  
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Gamer_152 said:
"Welcome to Giant Bomb, I'm afraid it is not possible for you to leave, you work for us now Mr. Diehard."
Did I just cross into the Dark Side?  :)
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Glad I didn't invest in it's purchase.

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MerlijnVH said:
"As a game designer, my philosophy is that you should have fun with the player and not try to work against the player. The ancient old example of this is having the player run through a corridor, then remove the floor from underneath the player into a pit of lava or whatever. I also have a general dislike for sequences under time. Its cool to put pressure on the player, as in Bioshock where the tunnel started collapsing. There are no repercussions if the player is slow however, because the tunnel never actually collapses with the player still inside. Yet it gives a sensation of fear and wanting to move quickly. When you have to do something inside a specific amount of time, however... two levels in Call of Duty 4 spring to mind. The War Room & The Mile High Club on veteran difficulity. Sure, they're challenging. Doesn't mean they're (in my opinion) fun, though."
I agree with you on Time.  Elite Force II was frustrating with some of their time missions where you had to rescue so and so before assimilation, etc.  That just came to the
front of my mind because I'm currently doing another play through of it.
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I think this game was too misunderstood as to it's intentions.  I enjoyed it.  It was X-Com and that was good enough for me.  

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You said there was already a thread about water levels, but I just have to reitterate how much I lothe shifting water around from one room to the next. 

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There are some very valid point about Halo in that video.  Every room does look exactly the same.  COD4 indeed was cool.

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Thats what happens when corporate politics get involved though.  It's always better to keep it small.  

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I was reading about GameSpot on Wikipedia and heard about what happened with some of the long standing staff.  Looks like something good came out of it though.  I'll continue poking around and checking out the site.  :)  Thanks for putting time into this guys!