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No one else on PC? :(

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PC (Uplay) - DietOmaha

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Oh. Right. At first I thought, no way it's Twitter, I never actually tweet anything!

But then I went and checked it. 20 tweets about cheap Oakleys, jerseys, boots, pretty much whatever you would want! if you guys need anything, gimme a call, alright? I have what you need. And if I don't, I WILL GET IT FOR YOU.

Also it's probably a good idea to never click on a link I post just to be safe.

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So this probably isn't a bug, but it seems like someone might've accessed my account?

My status was set to 'Cheap Ray Bans 85% off!' followed by a link that assuredly does not at all take you to buy cheap Ray Bans.

I'm fairly certain I did not post that, unless I got very drunk and did not remember getting very drunk and then did not remember filling in all my friends on the amazing deal I just got, but I do not have a pair of Ray Bans in my possession so I don't think that's the case.

I'm gonna go change my password now! Thanks!

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@hailinel said:

@dietomaha: New Leaf was a mid-2013 release in North America and Europe. Maybe it was a 2012 release in Japan?


Phew, another mystery solved, gang! Now what?

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I think that release date is wrong. Pretty sure it came out in...June - July-ish?

*Actually that release date isn't wrong, it's saying that's when the Japanese version came out. Came out in June in the US and Europe.

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I thought following the bread crumbs of your sister as she found all the secret passageways and such in this old house was pretty awesome. I really liked her story too, and I didn't pick up on the direction it was going until maybe halfway through. It didn't really change the way I felt about the it. I really enjoyed the story, the way it unfolded felt...I dunno, genuine? I don't feel there was some 'agenda' at work there at all.

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Update time! Those nasty stories I heard about people being banned for this? Turns out they're true! I got my money back, but I can no longer access my PSN account :(

For the record, I did try going through Sony first, and that got nowhere. So I turned to my bank and got my money back, and since Sony views any chargeback to them as a bannable offense, no matter if it's your fault or not, I was banned. I don't think I entirely care though. I don't have a PS4 yet, and I haven't bought anything on PSN in a long time. The only bummer is I was about halfway through a Plus subscription, so that's lost. I'm not too torn up about it. It sucks that I will have to start from square one if I do get a PS4, but oh well.

So to sum up, if you get hacked and want to actually get your money back, you'll probably be banned :P

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I had a dream a few weeks ago where I was swimming in an ocean that was literally made of little people. Then I washed ashore and they all started chasing me?

That's on topic, don't you even say otherwise.