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I understand that you need to have some protections in place for the subscriber content but could you provide a way to set a start date that the dynamic feed won't return videos before? The way its setup now makes it impossible to use without having to burn through all the existing videos.

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@AtomicEdge: This is exactly what I am seeing.

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Tried it right now, looks like the same bug occurred when I manually refreshed the feed. I will try again tonight.

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Just wanted to chime in that I am seeing the same problem on the HD Quick Looks feed, but not the Subscriber content feed.

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@snide: Downloaded the HD video, skimmed through it using Quicktime Player on Lion and didn't see any problems.

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I have seen this problem reported in here before, but I am having corruption problems with the downloaded HD videos. Here is a screenshot.

This happens when playing on my 2011 MacBook Pro with the Intel HD 3000 video card using the built in Quicktime Player X with no additional codecs installed. It always occurs during the middle 70% of the video. It does not happen when I play the same files on my PS3. Running the video through HandBrake with the default MP4 settings clears up the problem as well.

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TrophyScraper (or trophy-scraper) is a Ruby command line tool for downloading PSN trophy info for one or more users. It attempts to be a good neighbor by only downloading what it needs to. Use it for personal records or as the backend of a webapp. 
 Check out the project page or go over to GitHub for more info. Enjoy!    

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@MattyFTM: It doesn't, I am working with the user RSS feeds.
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My Wordpress widget is out. Check out an example on the right column on my site at vincecima.com. You can install it from inside your Wordpress install by searching for 'GiantBomb' or you can go directly to the plugin's page at Wordpress.org.

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I am working on a Wordpress Widget for GiantBomb that will display the user's GamerGrade card and activity feed. I have a working version at GitHub. Currently, I have some rough rules in place to get the "blurb" content for each entry in the activity feed. Would it be possible to add a class to the "blurb" element in each activity feed entry so its easier to get?

Example of "blurb" element, "Dig_Douglas just commented on Snide's Video - Fallout 3: Point Lookout Trailer"
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