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*places name into hat*

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EP4 just finished! Editing these is a little rough, nothing worse than listening to your own voice for hours and hours.

In this episode we are blessed by the presence of the Dual Dragonriders, explore Shrine of Amana, and get to know the Looking Glass Knight. Oh yeah, and the cyclops hippos kill me about a billion times.

Thanks for checking these out guys. You the best.

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Alright Duders! Here is Episode 3!

In this episode we encounter the Smelter Demon, explore Black Gulch, and The Gutter. Spoiler: Everything goes terribly wrong. As always if anyone has any feedback (positive or negative), please let me hear it!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback Nordom. I agree with you 100%. The next video will be posted very soon and I think it strikes the right balance.

Kinda feel weird about posting them over and over in this thread. I don't want it to seem like I am trying to spam you guys. If the mods don't mind it would be cool if I could post Episode 3. If they do mind then I'll let the thread rest. Regardless, you duders have given me a ton of valuable feedback so thanks!

Any mods around?

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I put up Episode 2. This time, I get squashed by The Gargoyles, Dragon Knight, a chest, and gravity. Plus many, many other things. I cut this one much faster. Maybe a little too fast. The next Episode (my favorite so far) will fall somewhere in the middle.

Hope you guys enjoy my suffering once again. As always, feedback is appreciated. :D

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Looking into the rest of the footage, and man. It gets BAD. Every episode after this one will be cut much quicker. More deaths in less time. Be ready for a flurry of unsavory words. Especially when you see me fight the Ancient Dragon.

Oh well F**K it!

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@stryker1121: Unfortunately, my play through is over, and all the footage is in the can. I could bleep them out with an effect if its a bother.

For me, that game has a way of making the expletives flow. Again, sorry. D:

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Thanks for the heads up, Demokinos.

The Dark Souls franchise is so centered around player death, I though it would be a cool idea to show every single death in my primary playthrough. At first, I was thinking about putting every death into a single video..... 300+ deaths later and the video was like 3 hours long. Nobody would watch that. Now I am not going back and cutting it down into ~10 minute chunks.

If you guys have any suggestions about a better way to present these for the subsequent videos, please let me know. I am always down for some criticism.

P.S. There are some easter eggs hidden in the transitions that I made.

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Thanks man! I am glad you enjoyed it. I totally know that you can dodge the chests now. 14 Streams after the fact....Better late than never I guess?

I am cutting out EVERY death of my first play through (300+ deaths). There is going to be another 5 or so episodes after this one.