My console war!

I find myself always running into the dilemma of which console to to spend time with almost everyday. I own all of the next/current gen platforms and it's almost a curse that's hard to admit. In all honesty if I could go back and just own one I would but to say that is pointless at this point because I like them all! I guess it all ties in with each platform having really great exclusive titles locked to them. That right there is the curse for any gamer that there will never be a cure for and has created the console war with me.  
Sure you can say 360/Live has the best online experience among them all but then again am I on my Xbox 360 enough to care? I have not been on or played a 360 game since Mass Effect 2 released and that is a single player game. I should also add I have a Silver account and it's not been Gold since the middle of last year and i'm fine with it. The PS3/PSN is a free online experience and is in my opinion equal to what Live has to offer for what I need it for. My experience with PSN has been great regardless to claims made by others and I still don't have to pay for it and that a plus! If I want to jump into a few Modern Warfare 2 matches I don't have to think of a subscription, I just play! That's the way it should be in my opinion. I admit both services are good but Microsoft had/has enough money to both pay for and police the Live severs for years. Should I have to pay to use Facebook or Twitter when I get a better and free experience with them right here on my PC? It's sad to think my 360 a console I once was obsessed with is now collecting dust waiting for that next great retail exclusive. That does not mean I don't play it, I do just not as much anymore.
Then we have the Wii which almost has no online experience what so ever but just a lot of fun to sit back and play. Sure it doesn't have the HD quality of the other two but then again does it really need it? I have had so much fun playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy I don't even think about the visual quality at all. It is also a great feeling not to have to worry about things like an Achievement/Trophies system and just play the game for what it is. The Wii also has the motion controls which is a nice feature but in my opinion the gamer should have the option to use a traditional controller for all games as well. 
It always comes back to exclusives titles regardless and if I had to choose to a single console I still could not do it to this day.