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It's been several years since Oblivion and having Bethesda go back to the fantasy rpg setting is a nice break from the post-apocalyptic world. Don't get me wrong I love Fallout and will play the hell out of New Vegas as it's just a full game expansion to FO3! That's in no way a bad thing at all! Either way both series are popular but my bet is Elder Scrolls V on a brand new game engine! Fingers crossed because their game engine is really showing its age.
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This is sure some sad news because I wanted enjoy this game this year. Oh well this is a new trend in video games so i'm over it. I suspect CoD: Black Ops and MoH releasing have something to do with this. I guess it could also be the Move support thing?
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If guilds were to play a part in Fable III that kind of news for me would be awesome no doubt! I loved the second game but yeah the lack of true RPG elements was a huge let down that you have to look past. Mr Molyneux vision for Fable is interesting I will say, making the games accessible to all players isn't really a bad thing. As long as the Fable games are top notch and keep the quality intact i'll always be a fan.  I admit I will miss the color sphere experience points from Fable 2 lol! 
It's astonishing to see how for Lionhead has come will this series and I can't wait to jump back into Albion!
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And to think that M$ or Sony can take the Wii market is just asinine! Nintendo has/had nothing to worry about at all, they brought motion controls to the casual space as a part of the Wii and that's where it will continue to dominate.  
Also Nintendo is the "Disney" of the home consoles, that hits home with families and that's something M$ or Sony will never have. Sure they can jump to the motion control party late and everpriced but motion controls or not they are both still looked at as too "hardcore" for the average family.   
$150 more on a console I barely even use anymore thanks to all the M$ BS in the first place, no thanks!  
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I don't know maybe Sonic 4 or even Sonic Colors but even that's a hard sell after the years of the garbage shovelware Sonic titles. 2D or even a 2.5D Sonic is where the franchise should have stayed in my opinion I got my fingers crossed on any new Sonic to be honest.
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The option to have drop in/drop out 4 player co-op for the entire game.
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Mass Effect 2, beginning second playthrough on Insanity as well.
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There was no hate for the artstyle of Skyward Swrod from here and it's a game i'm looking forward to playing!  It does look like you're playing a living painting and that concept in my opinion is pretty cool! I actually thought it was a step up from the darkness artstyle of Twilight Princess which I didn't like to much and was uninviting to me.
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That's the wonderful power of sleep because I also had no idea GB was down.
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You know what? It's all about the greed for money with the gaming industry these days and who can get the most $ out of the "gamer". The biggest gaming trend on the rise that I see today is subscription models for gaming. Who likes that idea of having to pay for multiple subscriptions at once to play MP in games? Microsoft pretty much led the way for this in consoles with the xbox360 and Live being $50 a year and people bought into that idea. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see the devil Mr. Kotick take the Call of Duty games to subscription based either. People will pay for it and god I can see the $15 a month pricetag to play CoD MP already and a company like Activision would do it. 
I mean $50 Live, $15 Netflix if you have it,  the soon to be released Hulu+ for $10(ridiculous btw), and then the possibility of subscription based MP for separate games. Not to mention the internet bill, that shit adds up damn fast!   
I say charge more for the central places like XboxLive or even PlaystationPlus yearly and get rid of the idea to pay for what is the beginning of mindless monthly subscriptions.
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