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Then why does Comic Vine (and Giant Bomb) have a footer with the Gamespot logo on it? Wouldn't it be CBS's logo if it were classed as the wider CBSi?

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@Winternet said:

Hey, how are the duders at ComicVine handling this? I don't even know what this means to them.


I'm mostly a Vine user, and I'm worried. What does Gamespot want with a comic book site? And of course, the wiki uses tech that got sold to a different firm. Converting it to MediaWiki will undoubtedly break a lot of stuff. I'd be gutted to lose the wiki database, especially all the uploaded comic book covers.

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@iDarktread said:
Super Mario Land 3D would be the name of a Super Mario Land remake, in 3D, on the 3DS. Super Mario 3D Land makes more sense because of that.
Agreed. It's a reference to Super Mario Land, but the game seems to actually be a sequel to Super Mario Bros. 3
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How long until Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz start advertising Playfish and EA's Facebook games? I wouldn't be surprised to see PopCap themed items in games like Pet Society either. Bejeweled diamond? Zuma frog? (Plants vs) Zombie doll? ;)

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Bingo. A tie-in is say, a game released at the same time as the movie it's based on. But if that movie happens to be a new Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider film for example, it wouldn't be licensed, as those are game franchises in the first place. Thus Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness is a tie-in but not a licensed game. A licensed game though isn't necessarily a tie-in. There's the Ghostbusters example iAmJohn mentioned, and the Godfather, for example, and an even more obvious one: Lego Star Wars, which was released after all six films and thus is not a tie-in, but is licensed for both Star Wars and Lego.

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DJ Hero 3D has a release listed, but it seems to have been cancelled along with the Guitar Hero franchise, and thus will never be released. Same goes for True Crime: Hong Kong, which was also cancelled and has three releases listed which now won't happen.
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Hey what the hell's going on? Quest 7 was supposed to launch on December 18th, but it's now 1.10am GMT on the 19th.

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@CitizenKane said:
" @Walker_after_dark said:
" I'm at 7 of 11 so far and these have worked for me: 

Edit: last four
Finished now.  Thanks a lot! "
Seconded! And thanks for helping me complete the "Wrong side of the tracks" quest. All five answers are in that list. :)
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@Video_Game_King said:

" Marill needs the alias Pikablu. That is what everybody called him before Gold and Silver came along. "

Done. Apparently anyone can edit concept aliases. 
@Gamer_152 said: 

Dare needs the alias Veronica Dare added, as it is her full name. "

It's already listed as her real name.    
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