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Hey guys, I was looking to get started on a thread about all the weird references this game makes to other games, memes, and whatnot since I know for a fact I will not get them all myself. Let's do it to it!

Juan has a tattoo on his chest of a flaming heart that I'm pretty sure is a reference to the cover art of a Mexican rock band called Maná (not Mana) and their album Revolución de Amor. Check out the image of his tattoo here and the album cover art here, or you can just check out the images below.

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Hello guys,

With the game now having essentially a Horde mode, I was looking into getting a group of people that will play mostly casually. I had not done this before because the other game types don't really need mic communication too much but this one definitely does in order to succeed. With that in mind, please let me know if you would be interested in joining my group by replying to this post, sending me a message, or adding me in the game and letting me know you're interested in the OS group. Needless to say, please only contact me for the group if you have a microphone and are willing to use it every time we play. My game username is DigitalErsatz, hope to hear from you!

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@Sammo21: I don't know if I would say that the 3DS is a flawed machine; I think Nintendo did a bad job of anticipating what kinds of games people would want to play on their machine and are now trying to fix the problem by releasing peripherals such as the Circle Pad Pro. Technolody and the video game landscape has changed a lot since the DS was released and Nintendo failed to see that gamers have become more demanding in terms of what they expect handhelds to do. You could argue that the 3DS is flawed if it didn't work from a technical standpoint, but it does.

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I got it the day it came out along with the Circle Pad Pro and I have to say that it's been an awesome experience, great sound, 3D looks really nice, gameplay is fun, game actually does scare you at times. I'm really happy with my purchase.

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@ThePhantomnaut: I think a 3DS 2 will happen though I wouldn't really hold my breath on that one. The release of the Circle Pad Pro says to me this is how Nintendo is fixing the problem for the immediate future, I think they're using it to test out how much people really want a second stick and more shoulder buttons. Even if it sells really well, they will most likely wait at least a couple of years before releasing the 3DS 2 for fear of angering the people that bought the original 3DS and not the Circle Pad Pro. Once the 3DS 2 comes with second stick, developers will not make games that only require a single one as much.

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@Klei: I agree with you that Brad's review of the game was not a good one, I'm not saying it should have received a 5/5 but it is certainly a 4/5 at least. I think he based his review too much on the idea of a handheld game experience being better on a console, which is always going to be the case. Arguing that a game experience is better on a console does not make sense.

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Hello guys,

I bought RE: R yesterday and so far have had a tremendous time with it. I've never been a RE fanboy, in fact, the only other RE game I've played was RE 4 for the Wii. Nintendo's decision to launch the Circle Pad Pro alongside this game makes a lot of sense as -- in my opinion -- it significantly improves the gameplay experience over playing without it.

A lot of people complained of the lack of a second stick on the 3DS and now a lot of people are complaining of having to buy one for the system. I agree that it should not be necessary, or as expensive, but it is what it is and I think this is a great opportunity for us 3DS owners to support the future of the console.

It is my hope that not only does RE: R sell really well so that we can continue to have high-quality games on the 3DS, but that the Circle Pad Pro also sells really well (having it be a Gamestop exclusive was a terrible idea) so that other developers embrace it and release games supporting it. If there is a large number of Circle Pad Pro owners, then developers will be more comfortable with the idea of putting games out on the 3DS knowing the experiences will not be limited, and isn't that what we want?

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Downloaded the files, the game says, "Ready to Install" but it doesn't. Does anybody else have this problem?

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@Neezie: I tried adding you under Neezie and did not come up, are you sure that's you?
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@DAFTPUNK: Just added you on Steam.
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