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It's not bad but it IS Modern Warfare without the ability to go prone.

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I really like the art style for this game. Very cool!

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I'm all for it as long as it's an improvement and not a release of a game that should have just been backwards compatible.

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@Burns098356GX: So far I think one of the great things about it is that it's the first bit of property to come from this license in many years that actually pays tribute to the G1 stuff. The single player campaign is fairly fast paced and has some fun boss fights and if you enjoy online multiplayer it's got enough options to keep you and friends entertained for a while. I'd say at the very least give it a rental/gamefly it to see what you think. I was really apprehensive about buying it until I played it now I can't seem to put it down. :) Cheers!
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@CouncilSpectre said:
" Two levels in to the Autobot story the game refused to auto-save to my harddrive.  A message said that I had no more memory left despite having 60 gigs free.  Then, rather than lose my progress I went back to the last checkpoint.  After the cut seen at the end of the level the game kinda froze.  All I had was a first person view of the last level.  I could pan the camera around and see the autobots standing frozen but the game wouldn't advance.  This happened five times in a row after which I gave up.  This along with my pre-order redeemtion codes not working is the last straw.  Buyer beware! (Xbox 360 version).
Also, not to deny your claims CouncilSpectre, but perhaps it's an issue with your hard drive if it's having trouble saving. Just a thought.
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Boy, this thread is a big ole mess. lol

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@Optimus: Precisely what i mean. I find it fascinating how divided people are on this game. It's definitely been a much hotter topic than I thought it would originally be. It's been fun to debate it with everyone.
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@Delta_Ass: Very thorough review. Very cool! 
Also @demonbear said:
"   Bah weep granah weep nini bong. "
What he said. lol ;)
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@Raven_Sword said:
" Personally, and I KNOW im going to get crap for this, but I would have to say the Megatron from Beast Wars. He is VERY memorable to me, and he sounds just so delicously evil. Espeacilly his trademark "Yes" which he said like 20 times a episode after his sentences. I love the Frank Welker Megatron as well, but for me personally, I think this Megatron was more memorable to me because I have fond memories of the Beast Wars cartoon as a kid, and that show is still good even to this day. Now go ahead and question my fanhood, but its how I feel. Also, the Megatron for the game (WFC) seems a little off.   
Frank Welker's Megatron hands down. The difference between his character and every other Megatron, up to and including the new game, is that most Megatrons TRY to sound evil and mildly British. It's very cliché and terribly forgettable. Frank Welker's Megatron nailed not only sounding evil without trying, but you got the impression that he was a terribly smarmy jerk. The best villains in any story, to me anyways, are the ones that don't have to try to impress their impact upon viewers, but simply leave you with a strong sense of their character. This is why I think Frank Welker is the one and only Megatron.
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@Naughton said:
" Is Prime Mode just what they call "prestige" in WFC? "
Yes. If participate in Prime mode it wipes everything out like Prestige and you get an animated icon next to your name in the matchmaking lobbies to show that you've done it.
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