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Soul Calibur V 0

Hey guys here's my review of Soul Calibur V for Xbox 360. This review was originally posted on my maid blog but I wated to share it with every one here. Enjoy.So I’m sitting around playing Soul Calibur 5, and here’s a great looking game. It’s visually stunning. I’m watching two fighters battle it out on the dust filled plains, the sun setting in the distance. White and yellow rays are reflecting off the two swordfighters armor making them look angelic. Blades meet each oth...

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DMC HD Review 0

Hey guys, I just wanted to post my review of Devil May Cry HD Collection here. This originally appeared on my mail blog over at but I wanted to share it with everyone here. So enjoy!There comes a time in a mans life when he becomes curious. He starts to ask questions. Questions about his lineage, his forefathers, his family history. Questions like:“Who were my ancestors?”“What kind of man was my grandfather?”“Was he a bad ass?”Devil May Cry HD Collection for Xbox 360 was r...

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