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Still thinking about you... never met you but I felt like we were old friends.


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Started a separate thread for people to maybe post and talk about getting together more meetups! I was there with my wife, lochnessie82

I made it to the TEDx and talked with Patrick for a few minutes there. Reminds me of my buddy who is also too skinny to not stick out in Michigan! I can say that... I have lived here all my life... and I'm a little fat!

Wish I could have made the meetup. Had prior commitments that I couldn't get out of. I'd love to participate in a Giant Bomb Michigan Meetup (GBMM anyone... anyone?) in the near future. Please post a link to the thread and I will definitely pass it around. If you need help organizing, please PM me and I will get you my email address and phone number. I can do East side/west side of Detroit, but If we get close to or past Ann Arbor, I probably can't make that far out (East-Sider).

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I just got back from the TEDx Talk and I thought Partick did very well. If he was nervous, you couldn't tell. I must not have been the only one, there was a nice size crowd around him after his talk thinking him as I left. Great Job Partick! The state of Michiagn welcomes you back anytime.

As far as the conference goes, as a whole it was ok. There is no chance that it would be confused with a full on TED Talk that you see on the official site. Most of the speakers were Graduates of U of M - Dearborn that have had varying amounts of success in their lives after college. Most of them had good stories to tell and closed out with positive thoughts for the audience to ponder. Other than Patrick, Imann Ali had a powerful life story to share, Matthew Richmond showed how there are many ways to find a creative focus for yourself, and Marty Stano gave a pretty good argument for practicing minimalism in life. Some of the others didn't seem very prepared or they seemed to just want to talk about themselves and how you can be like them.

No one tried to sell anything onstage; this event was not free; not everyone that applied to attend was given a ticket.

The atmosphere was almost seminar-like - everyone being quiet and sticking to their groups at first, but by the end everyone seemed to be talking to each other comfortably. There were many students attending and volunteering so there was a bit of an "academic" vibe to the crowd. There was smart conversation, ideas exchanged and alternate points of view to consider... many things you would expect at a University campus. All of the speakers were mingling with the crowd before and after their talks so it was very informal and relaxed. They even had an Oculus Rift in the lobby to check out (I didn't try it, the pink-eye talk from the podcast scared me away).

As far as the production values of the event, I haven't seen the official stream but I can imagine that it wasn't great. They had some sound issues early but it was easy to see why. This event was held in the Institute for Advanced Vehicle Systems building. There was a "By Wire" SUV in the workshop on the other side of the lobby. They really don't have the need for top notch A/V equipment to deliver a good lecture, and since this was staffed entirely by volunteers (who also did a great job with what they had), I can't imagine they had much of a budget to work with.

I recommend to anyone to go to one of these TEDx events in their area if you get a chance. You will meet good, smart people that live in your community and if nothing else, it will restore your faith in humanity a bit just by knowing that there are still people out there that aren't pure skeptical d*** bags that want to make many things better for many different people. This was my first time attending anything TED (X or otherwise), but it will not be my last.

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I have no words... This seems so unreal. I was just thinking how strange the last Bombcast was without Jeff (and Vinny, and Patrick). I...

My thoughts are with his family, his new wife and his extended Giant Bomb family around the world... We will never forget you.

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So I got married in September, but we decided to wait and do our honeymoon in the Spring. Planned on driving down the coast from Seattle to San Francisco, and then on to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Now, we have decided to skip the North and Fly into San Fran for a few days before driving East.

The wife wants my input on what to do along the trip, and I really have no clue. I am not big on obvious tourist areas but I can't get too far away from the city either. People are telling me to go to Golden Gate Park, Pier 39 and Alcatraz but none of that sounds all that appealing. I don't want to do a 4 hours walking tour of anything, but would love to see things that San Francisco is known for that I can't find in the Detroit area.

Any cool ideas?

Why am I asking here? I don't know, why not... the GB offices are in or around San Francisco right?

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I am sorry for your loss. I am sure he will be with you at your wedding. Friends and family willhelp you through this tough time.

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Maybe I will try it once it goes free-to-play if a few other non-MMO friends of mine jump in. Otherwise my ban on MMO's will not be lifted.