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What do you even do with news like that? Fuck. (Obviously my condolences are his, and he will be forever missed, but fuck).

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I am going to pour out 40 40's in homeboy's honor. Thank you for everything you had given to me as a giantbomb fan Ryan Davis. You truly were a duder amongst duders.

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I vote we just give double fine all of the money ever so that we can personally fund Brad Muir to make more Iron Brigade.

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Such a shame that spelunky never made it... (yes I know it's on the pee cee for freeee).

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Reminds me of the time that people stood up and applauded during the Hitler death sequence in Inglorious Bastards. Good ol' Hollywood.

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Stop complaining and put it in your body already.

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"The issue is nuanced and, goddamn, gamers are shit at recognizing and understanding nuance."

Well said.

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Reading this article can clearly be very off-putting for some, and I could understand why that is given that this is a site dedicated entirely to gaming news and editorials. But part of the reason that Jeff initially established the site was to have an avenue for his editors to express their ideas and opinions on the gaming industry with a greater sense of freedom. While I think some interesting points have been made (especially in the vein of suggesting that people grow up having dedicated entire TNT's to Cards Against Humanity), there is a relative consensus that scantily clad women (or conversely scantily clad men) can make passerby's very uncomfortable. While not the end of the world, it still feels desperate in a way that other avenues of advertising that utilize those same hyper-sexualized themes cannot escape. (And if you're worried about them E3 boys takin' away your free titties, then you're in a camp that's far beyond help at this point)

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Jesus H Christ, when was the ipad ever fucking "revolutionary"? It was a big ass shinier iphone that had barebones features to begin with. If anything, the specs on this model seem a hell of a lot more enticing then the previous two models released. Fucking scumbags.

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