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I watch Super/Two Best Friends Play on a daily basis.
And occasionally Jesse Cox or Sips from the Yogscast.
Recently started watching FRANKIEonPCin1080p for some decent Day Z stuff.

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I might have? I'm really not 100% sure.
I went into the restroom in question, went into a stall to do what needed to be done. I heard someone come in. Didn't think anything of it.
Wasn't long after I heard a girl scream and run out. Now I was in the stall so unless they like, peeked over or under and saw me they couldn't have known there was a dude in there so I don't know what the screaming was about. Perhaps THEY went in the wrong restroom and realized themselves.

All I know is that after I was done I was mighty quick about exiting. Didn't look back to confirm either way.

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EA Sports UFC
Sniper Elite 3
Metro Redux
Wasteland 2
Stronghold Crusader II
The Sims 4
Hyrule Warriors
Hotline Miami 2
Alien: Isolation
Dragon Age 3
Borderlands: The Pre-sequel
The Evil Within
Assassins Creed Unity
WWE 2k15
GTA V for PC

That's all I've got off the top of my head but I'll very likely get some more.
Excited for a bunch of stuff.

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I'll be getting it not long after at least. Looks up my alley.

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I've only dabbled in it but Unreal World seems pretty neat.

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Older brother #1 I'm on good terms with, though we don't go out of our way to talk or anything.
Older brother #2 I merely tolerate for the sake of my mother, though why she'd care about him a single iota with his history of being outright abusive towards her and grandma I do not know.

And I have a younger brother who is pretty much my best friend in the world.
We share the exact same interests and hang out as much as possible. He's a cool dude.

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I'll happily play s'more Borderlands, but then I've a higher tolerance for more of the same then most it'd seem.

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I like both a great deal.

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This is dumb and they should feel dumb.
I like me a good collectors edition but I wouldn't pick one up sans the actual frickin' game.