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I'll start on normal, but I'm not really playing it for the combat so if it starts to feel like a slog I'll turn it down.

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I bought it from http://www.gamersgate.com/ without needing to use a vpn or anything.

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I beat MK 1, UMK3, MK4, Deadly Alliance, Deception, Armageddon, MK vs DCU and MK 9.

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Assorted clothing and Bayonetta 2.

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Probably The Sims 4 for me.
That they culled the open world and the story progression systems kinda made the game feel like a giant step back from the last.
I like what they've done with Sim emotions and that they have the ability to multi-task, among a few other convenience features but I'm still debating whether the "upgrade" has been worth it.

As an aside Watch_Dogs is probably in my Top 3 games of the year.
I can see why some might find it disappointing but I didn't go in with great expectations, I didn't really care that the game didn't look like it did in the E3 teaser, from the get go all I expected was a solid stealth game/shooter that let me blow shit up with my phone and creepily peer into the private lives of cities denizens - and I got what expected. So I was happy.

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Feel like I'm doing pretty much all of this years game purchasing within the week.
Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, WWE 2k15, Smash Bros, GTA V....

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Fried chicken and pizza, all day erry day.

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I got a Wii U last Christmas as a gift and Bayonetta 2 was the primary reason I wanted one, so I guess sorta?

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I'll be getting it on the Xbox One initially but when the PC version becomes a thing I'll probably wind up grabbing that too.

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I'll say exactly what I said in the other thread.

As someone who cops to having what most would consider pretty uh, I guess juvenile tastes, I gotta say this looks like it could be some dumb fun in my book.
I can see why average Joe would find it objectionable, the same way I understood why they found Manhunt or Postal and other similarly controversial games objectionable.
But won't stop me from playing it, also probably liking it to some degree and I'm sure there's a niche group of others of a similar mindset that'll get a kick out of it.

There's an audience for everything.