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I've only dabbled in it but Unreal World seems pretty neat.

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Older brother #1 I'm on good terms with, though we don't go out of our way to talk or anything.
Older brother #2 I merely tolerate for the sake of my mother, though why she'd care about him a single iota with his history of being outright abusive towards her and grandma I do not know.

And I have a younger brother who is pretty much my best friend in the world.
We share the exact same interests and hang out as much as possible. He's a cool dude.

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I'll happily play s'more Borderlands, but then I've a higher tolerance for more of the same then most it'd seem.

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I like both a great deal.

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This is dumb and they should feel dumb.
I like me a good collectors edition but I wouldn't pick one up sans the actual frickin' game.

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I'll have both eventually, but I picked up the Xbox One first because there were more games at launch that I actually wanted to play.
Infamous will be out soon and that's the first thing I've actually want to play on the PS4 - but won't be picking it up 'til there's a bit more than that.

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I'm really not the sort of person to be offended by anything.

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It'd be Vinny. About six of the games he put would be on mine.

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A couple of pairs of shorts.
Assassins Creed IV for the Xbox One.
Splinter Cell: Blacklist for the PC.

Not a bad little haul.

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I like Zelda. I like Dynasty Warriors.
I am cool with this.