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I thought Resi 4 on the Wii was great, so this should have the same improvements but i'm really not sure about holding the controller in one hand, sounds dumb.  
They might as well copy the Wii numb chuck, but that would be unimaginative on sonys part.

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Was it not the point to split it in to 3 games so it would not get delayed.

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"Think of the best use for Nintendo's new peripheral the Vitality Sensor?"  If there are any uses for it!
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Well done dudes... consider me helped, this is a cool community thx dudes. I'm kinda hanging around in two groups now... just kinda weird looking back now how i got mixed in with that sort of crowd, considering how much of  a nerd i used to be (Still am in secret).

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I didn't think i mentioned it that much, and i think thats my problem i'm good at portending not to be a total nerd but when you get to know me.

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Anyone else gets moaned at for mentioning or referencing games to much in day to day life?

Basically i got pulled into totally the wrong social group when I started collage, I play a lot of games and used to talk to my old friends a lot about them but my new dudes  just don't seem to be interested. 

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Thx mate... After the 2nd I was gunna pass on this one but if you say its good then ill give anything a try.

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Modern cuz you can always put older guns in modern times anyway, like a classic revolver.

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Killzone looks amazing, but theres just not much to get excited about  other than the graphics, art style. Everything else seems a little average but I would like it to change my mind and it to be great.