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I'm not sure why Cara Ellison is garnering so much love for this position. She seems cool but I'm not sure it would be a good fit.

Sounds like people just want GB to hire a woman and she's a female. Just hire the best person for the job, regardless of gender.

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Spot on Jeff. You really hit the nail on the head.

It saddens me that we as a industry have to deal with issues like this. If you don't agree with their work or views, engage in a civil debate or just move on. Why people want to waste their time ruining somebody's life over these views is beyond me.

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That was beautiful Patrick.

Stay strong buddy.

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Give me Syndicate 2 and that'll be a good E3 for me.

Also another Metro game would be awesome.

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I've made the mistake of having both Football Manager and Civ 5 installed at the same time.

Major time consumer.

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I remember hearing that Essex had the highest teenage pregnancy rate in England and my hometown (Harlow) had the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Essex.

So, I imagine a Streets of Rage type side scroller where you are fending off young, pregnant youths and chavish yobs.

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Bioshock. The final boss battle was just laugh out loud terrible. It was completely out of tune with the rest of the game.

I first three quarters of Dishonored were outstanding, until you are captured by Daud and the game descends into a bit of a mess.

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I'll be pouring one out for Ryan tonight. This has genuinely brought me to tears.

For all these years I feel like he was a friend to all of us. Someone who allowed us to relax and enjoy the industry we love more than anyone else. I can't think of a personality death that will rock the gaming world more than Ryan Davis's and I can't think of someone who will have such a wonderful impact that Ryan had on the industry.

I really will miss hearing his voice and seeing his face every week. My heart goes out to all the Giant Bomb staff, his family and friends.

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This has actually shocked me to my core. RIP Ryan :(