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 I just beat the first Dino Crisis and I love it, out of the hundreds of games I've played in my life, it is by far my favorite of them all. But now I started playing the second one and am disappointed. So far it just seems more like an action game instead of a survival horror game. You spend the first 5-10 minutes running around with about 40 raptors coming after you, and they give you 100 shotgun shells which often kill the raptors in 1 hit.

Regina makes a return in DC2, but they really ruined her character in my opinion. I mean the TRAT guy is a real stuck-up douche bag, but even so, she just leaves him to fend all by himself in the very beginning of the game. Albeit in the first game she often refused to help the scientists responsible for the accident (i.e. the unconscious lady, the poisoned guy, and the bleeding guy, even though she had access to hemostats and medical supplies), but that this is different, these guys are on her team, not some crazy scientists working for a competing government. I also don't like the controls, whereas I did in the first game. Also in DC2 there is a points system, where you get points from killing dinosaurs, and you use the points to buy new weapons, which is stupid. Was anyone else let down by this game?

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 rofl me and this guy were in a tank, I was the turret gunner, he was the driver/main cannon operator. We stumbled across an enemy tank after turning a corner, it was right in front of us, probably 15-30 feet away. It's turret was facing the other way. I fired my .50 cal at it, but it was relatively ineffective. It began to turn it's turret to face us, I think the driver/cannon guy in the tank shot it but only damaged the enemy tank or missed (or maybe he didn't shoot at all). I jumped out of the turret gunner seat to the ground, the tank driver of the enemy tank was then tracking me with his turret about to fire, I quickly attached a rifle grenade to my M1 Garand, and fired it at the enemy tank, blowing up the enemy tank and killing the guy on the other team. It was epic. I then got back in the turret gunner seat and said to the tank driver "I can't believe I just did that" and he said "me either and laughed". It was both hilarious and epic at the same time.

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I was in a huge debate with a guy, and now I can't even finish the debate because apparently you can only post 5 posts? Wtf?

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 A huge thing with modern games is that they have no replay value, are really short, and are typically one-play charlies. Most major modern games are FPS games and are MP-focused. I still play games from the late 90s all the time. Hell, I've logged sveral thousand of hours of StarCraft and hundreds of hours for other games. The ONLY game I can see real replay value in this generation is Alan Wake.
  Little Bobby says: Modern Warfare 2
I say: Tribes 2

Little Bobby says: Command & Conquer 4
I say: Total Annihilation

Little Bobby says: Chromehounds
I say: MechWarrior

Little Bobby says: Rainbow Six Vegas
I say: Rogue Spear

Little Bobby says: Resident Evil 5
I say: Resident Evil

Little Bobby says: Metal Gear Solid 4
I say: Metal Gear Solid

Little Bobby says: Fallout: New Vegas
I say: Diablo

Little Bobby says: Mass Effect
I say: Final Fantasy VII

Little Bobby says: Civilization IV
I say: Civilization II

Little Bobby says: RuneScape
I say: EverQuest

Little Bobby says: Medal of Honor (2010)
I say: Medal of Honor

Little Bobby says: Halo
I say: Quake

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 I personally would take some of the B-rated 90s games over the current gen games.

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@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG said:
" when it comes to what someone thinks is "the best thing out there" (ex. games, music, etc.) nobody is really right or wrong because its THEIR opinion.  sure they might have different opinions than u, but maybe its cause they havent experienced the same thing you have, or simply have different tastes.  no need to go critisizing a 12 year old kid cause they really dont know any better.  well i do get what you mean....  i mean campaigns for games are so short lately but to be honest a 50 hour god of war game would be such a bitch...  and there wouldnt be enough gods to butcher.  i have a feeling you also hate more popular music too because lots of people like it and you listen to local indie bands that nobody cares/gives a fuck about because it "sets you apart from the others."  am i wrong? "
I do hate most new music now that you mention it. What the hell is up with this Justin Beiber, Hannah Montana, Kesha, and all of this rapper stuff? Whatever happened to real music?
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 The reason for games being not as good as they were is because human beings are generally stupid, and back in the 90s, gamers were generally very intelligent people, as they were typically geeks. However now that everyone and their grandma is a gamer, companies can get away with releasing really garbage, so called "AAA" titles.

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And I actually enjoyed it. It's just mindless violence, but it's awesome mindless violence.

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Why is it that ALMOST every time someone brings up how games aren't as good as they used to be, which is true, some 12 year old kid says "oh you're just thinking about nostalgia, games are so much better now, look at Command & Conquer 4, that's so much better than StarCraft or Command & Conquer 1. At which point the argument is pointless since the twelve year old kid just proved how stupid he is. Now I'm not saying all games now suck, because they don't, we still get a gem or two released every now and then, but true innovation has died for the most part. And now developers make games specifically for the lowest common denominator, in other words they dumb everything down and make it so little kids understand them, instead of fans of the actual game franchise. They always take games, and they skewer them, so that there are no more genres anymore, only "wee explosions" type games. Sure, we do get a few great games like Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, Singularity, Metro 2033, and a couple other great games, but for the most part, everything sucks.

I know that some kid is going to reply to this thread and say something stupid like "but Modern Warfare 2 is the best game ever," and while he is entitled to his opinion, he is still wrong. It seems like ever since gaming went mainstream with this current generation, and game developers/publishers decided to switch to the console market and make games for the lowest common denominator, that's when gaming started to suck. It's not just nostalgia, it's the truth, games were made better back then, now everything is all about the graphics and the lowest common denominator. Someone in this thread will probably just say it's because of nostalgia or that I'm a retro gamer (which I am), but I don't care what you think.Well I just said my piece, I hope you enjoyed my informative post regarding the truth regarding game quality, or rather the lack there of this generation. Now go have a nice Friday.