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$15 - Admission to the funniest experience you'll have in ages. 0

A friend of mine has labelled Jazzpunk as an 'interactive joke machine', which I feel sums the game in its entirety. Unlike titles like Proteus for example, which are more compelled to give you an experience and story rather than any kind of solid campaign (and also is debated on whether or not it's an actual game), Jazzpunk brings you a nicely sized campaign that is more interested in entertaining you through cheeky puns, strange encounters and comedic situations than anything else... But surel...

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(Typical joke involving lack of time to explain things here) 0

I loooooooves me some weird Indie goodness. Perhaps almost to a fault, but No Time To Explain (NTTE) from tinyBuild satisfies the weirdness in independent gaming that I've come to love and enjoy. Unfortunately, even if the game has a lot of chuckles and amusement up its sleeve, you won't find yourself being sucked back into this wacky tale that often unless you're a completionist or if you have an inner speed demon within you.Tom Nook is sure resorting to violent methods for people to pay off t...

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A one trick (on fire) pony with an emotional story. 0

Calling Little Inferno a 'game' is difficult for me, as it's really more of a interactive toy than a proper game. That said, there is a win condition and a ending leading to the credits, but there is no lose condition, no way to reach a game over screen, which is drastically different in comparison to World of Goo, where failing a level means you outright fail and have to start at the beginning again. World of Goo was a actual game with a heart, emotion and a wonderful soundtrack, but Little Inf...

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$1 for a quirky twist on schmups? Why not! 0

The schmup (Shoot Em' Up) genre has had a rather iffy relationship with me; generally how most of them are brain-melting difficult in their bullet hell, or are yawn worthy boring. Many 'modern' schmups take the former option, where one stray bullet to your ship has you screeching in agony as the game over screen pans up time after time. Thankfully, Shoot 1UP has the frusterating rule where one hit destroys your ship, but the ability to control a whole armada at once makes it far more forgiving, ...

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