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Can't help you with watering holes but visiting Galloping Ghost Arcade is a must. Full of retro machines. Pay 15 dollars at the door and everything's free play.

Galloping Ghost Arcade

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Sorry for bumping this thread but I wanted to add that I always thought it was a play off nuke.com which was the evil website in the Time Trotters series.

Nuke.com still redirects to Gamespot to this day.

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I believe you need to use a specific Ism. Variable Ism I think.

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All keys gone. Have fun duders!

Thanks again to the developer @82apps for letting me hand them out to you guys.

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@82apps: Much appreciated!

I'm sorry to the guys who've joined up I haven't been able to set any concrete events for this. Things have been a little too busy and hectic in my schedule to do any of that. But it would be awesome to see some dodge ball events.

All keys redeemed.

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I've started a Steam Group up so we can all join and play some Disco Dodge Ball together!

Steam Group

If you have the game Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball then you should join in on the madness.

If you don't have the game you should try and find a group of four duders who will split the cost on a four pack with you and get into it. This game is some serious fun and it deserves to be played by more people.

So I've set up a steam group and it's open for anyone to join and throw some balls around and have a good time.

Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball

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All those colored squares are players in a spaceship. At the bottom center of the screen you see the hotbar. Those are modules fitted to the ship. You can double click in space and your ship will head in that direction (manual flying), or right click an object or player in space and follow them, orbit them, so on. Then you activate your modules and manage your recharging energy.

The game mostly plays by outfitting your ship, right clicking and telling your ship what to do (jump through stargate, warp to, orbit, approach, keep at distance), and then activating modules (guns, defenses, repairs, propulsion mods and so on). What makes the game insane is a lot of good systems like the free market, construction of assets and the groups of players interacting with each other to create an incredibly dense meta game.

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Beyond Good and Evil. I came to it late playing it 3 years ago. Absolute gutter trash of a game.

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Ran into this issue tonight. It isn't pretty. I'm looking into alternative sticks to replace the stock ones with and will likel just buy a stock of DS3's and avoid this issue completely since I use them for PC use.