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All those colored squares are players in a spaceship. At the bottom center of the screen you see the hotbar. Those are modules fitted to the ship. You can double click in space and your ship will head in that direction (manual flying), or right click an object or player in space and follow them, orbit them, so on. Then you activate your modules and manage your recharging energy.

The game mostly plays by outfitting your ship, right clicking and telling your ship what to do (jump through stargate, warp to, orbit, approach, keep at distance), and then activating modules (guns, defenses, repairs, propulsion mods and so on). What makes the game insane is a lot of good systems like the free market, construction of assets and the groups of players interacting with each other to create an incredibly dense meta game.

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Beyond Good and Evil. I came to it late playing it 3 years ago. Absolute gutter trash of a game.

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Ran into this issue tonight. It isn't pretty. I'm looking into alternative sticks to replace the stock ones with and will likel just buy a stock of DS3's and avoid this issue completely since I use them for PC use.

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I was really liking my PS4 controller until something happened to it through normal use.

I was on the Street Fighter win streak of my life and I threw a fateful fireball that put me on tilt because my PS4's left analog stick rubber blew out completely.

After this happened I did some Google searching to see it ins't just a problem with me but others as well.

Anyone else experience the analog stick rubbers chunking out or wearing down?

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SNES was my first and it was alright.

MK64 was definitely a meh for me.

Double Dash was where it was at. It was a relationship strengthener and at the same time breaker. Great party game.

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Yo Phil, Phantom Dust. Make it happen.

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Having just finished all the challenges and unlocking the final Rauser. That's the best one.

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Humpback - Laser, Armor, Underwater.

The Humpback is my preferred ship just on sheer amount of damage you can take with the heavy and keep combos going a sweeping laser. Also crash diving to regen that health. Lasers can shoot out of water as well so sometimes just diving to dodge bullets and then firing the laser on the way up picking off a fighter or boat to keep the combo up.

Holy Diver - Laser, Bomb, Underwater.

This one actually got me my latest high score of 48,000. Same sort of style as the Humpback but more maneuverability coming from it. When aces collide with me I just pulse the laser to drop a bomb and they're finished so you can make real short work of them if you can get right up on them. And you have the added benefit of getting Holy Diver stuck in your head.

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Awesome write up Patrick. Contacted all the right people and explained it in a way that is incredibly hard to do; understandable to people who don't play.

Not to pile onto the Kite Co. talk but if anyone's interested please join us. We've got care packages for new members that has key skill books and ships for you to fly. Also a part of the second largest alliance, The Brave Collective founded by corporation Brave Newbies Inc. Just turned one year old recently and filled with inexperienced pilots who just want to blow shit up and have a good time. You always have someone to fly with.

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