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Good for them. I trust that they will optimize Battlenet instead, and considering that almost everything they have done have been for the hardcore players they probably won't screw them over with this.

Edit: Clearly I was first. Now I can elaborate.

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Oh god the death animations...

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<3 Valve

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Awesome, need to see Big Lebowski again...

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This sucks, I'm amazed with how much effort you put into all episodes. Keep it up GB!

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So I've taken Mythic up on the Warhammer Online 10-day trial and I figured I'd document my experiences here. Expect some epic words.

I've played a lot of different MMOs up to this point including EVE, Guild Wars, a bit of WoW and probably some more I can't think of. I'm not a huge MMO-buff but I enjoy fat loot and "character development" so I think Warhammer will be fun.

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I want a PS3 just to buy this game... Right now buying a 360 feels like a mistake :D

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I really like the ascetics of the game and the factions sounds really cool. I fear it will lack depth like most other console RTS...

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Great concept, maybe a different font and a flatter medpack would be better.

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