Hidden gem to play on the 360? 2 -player or co-op

I'll be hanging out over a bud's house Friday night and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for us to play on the 360. We'll be playing on a single 360 and we'd like to both play at the same time if possible.

I was hoping for suggestion that was a bit atypical. I'm not looking for Rockband or COD or NHL or the like... 


New Job Starts Monday

I'll be working at a cool software company in Cambridge, MA.  I was lucky enough to interview with a bunch of companies while I was out of work.  I got to check out and visit some pretty prolific game companies.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a full-time gig with any of them.  They offered me contract positions which was very flattering, but a no go for a guy with a family and mortgage.  Maybe I'll get into my job search at a later date....