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I think Dan is one of the most refreshing things to happen to Giantbomb in a long time. I was excited to find out that Dan was such a huge MGS lore fan. I too am a huge fan of the MGS story, I think it's brilliant and very entertaining. The fact that Kojima takes it sooo seriously is thing that makes it so fun. I would really enjoy seeing Dan and drew play MGS but more so to hear Dan gush about the story and history because it was very obvious in the Demo derby episode that Dan is very excited to share his passion with anyone that will listen.

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EDIT: To everyone saying this is a silly question, I honestly DON'T LIKE 60FPS. So, I was just asking if there are any others, apparently not. For instance, I don't like that Rage is at 60fps, there is too much going on, and I'm not sure how to explain it, but there always seems to be this "sheen" to games running at 60fps or higher that I don't like. Also games that run at 60FPS give me eye-strain, games at 30 do not. Maybe I have epilepsy or something.

I totally agree with you, but only recently have I come to realize this. I play all my FPS games (that support 360 controllers) at 30 frames. I like it. There is something very atmospheric about it. The weird thing is that I own a 144 Hz ASUS monitor and SLi gtx 680 4gb. I'm capable of running all my games at 144+ frames, but I don't. I run my monitor at 144 Hz but I use Dxtory to limit my frames to 30. My 680s allow my to crank every option to the max and the resolution but I leave the frames at 30. Here is the biggest reason. I hate frame drops more than anything, this eliminates all of that. The other reason, like I mentioned above, there something otherworldly about playing 30 rather than 60+. I can only compare it to watching a film at 24 frames (normal) and watching a film at 60+frames. At anything higher than 24, the movie starts to look too lifelike in movement and lifelike breaks the fantasy. This only with analog control movements though. I can't play an fps with a mouse and keys at 30 frames, no thanks. I'll crank it to 60+ at that point of whatever feels right.

Just wanted to let you know that your not the only one =) peace

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I can't wait any longer!!!