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Has anyone seen the HBO show Treme? A post hurricane New Orleans would be a great location for a GTA game, especially with the rich culture of music that the city has. Also, the hurricane would be a good contrivance for sectioning off areas of the map at the start due to flood damage or something. I've envisioned this game to the point that whatever they actually announce won't be as good as the game in my head.

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Brilliant, a unanimous verdict. Firepower it is. Cheers people. Get yourselves a drink (if you're of drinking age, if not..... Apple Tango is still a pretty good drink).

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I have enough money sitting in my PSN wallet for one of the weapon/equipment DLC packs. Which would be the most useful to a Soldier on Insanity? The equaliser pack has helmets that recharge shields and powers, which could be useful, the Recon pack has collector armour and assault rifle and three pieces of headgear (with unspecified characteristics), and the Firepower pack just has 3 decent looking weapons. Does anyone know which is the one to go for?

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I can't log in to the lbp.me site without changing my password. I changed it to the exact same password (except this time not entered through the ps3 interface, I'm not sure if that's an issue or not) and it works, I could browse the site fine however I then couldn't sign in on my playstation without resetting my password, which then locked me out of the website again and I'm back where I started. I can't seem to use both with the same sign in details, which makes lbp.me useless to me at the moment. This isn't limited to lbp.me, I tried signing in to the Playstation Network website on my laptop and it did the same thing, so it's something to do with my laptop and my ps3 that is treating my sign in details differently, or something. Is anyone having a similar issue?

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It's OS X Version 10.5.8, with a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Due, and 1 GB of memory. Cheers for the help, as I say, I'm not very good with computers. I'm fairly certain I don't have Snow Leopard, so I think that rules it out. Oh well.

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I have a 3 or so year old 13 inch machbook. I am fucking stupid with computers, and I didn't buy the macbook myself, so I don't really know it's spec. I kind of want to buy this game just to support the people who made it, though if it's just going to not run at all then it's not worth it. Will it run in any capacity, and is it worth it? Thanks Giant Bomb community.

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Yeah! El Fuerte is near the bottom, which is good. I'm not all that good at the game, so as long as people remain clueless as to how to fight back against my running menace then I will continue winning an OK number of matches.

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Is anyone else having trouble creating a paid account? I get an error message after I have filled out the forms.

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Within You Without Big League Chew

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Piggies in Blanket
Dig a Baloney

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