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Well sorry for trying to help. Maybe when you actually play the game your opinion will change

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It was probably going for an old time aesthetic and there's the fact that the Luftwaffe had the most Aces in that period, and as the developer said they definitely had the most unique weapons as well. If you do some reading you'd realize that not every soldier was a party member.

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That's part of the game.

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@itwongo said:

@noblenerf: He was talking cosmetic items. Cosmetics don't affect gameplay in tf2.

Hrm... I'd swear they added full-set bonuses (e.g. two weapons + hat) that affected a character's stats, but looking into it I guess I was mistaken. Give them time.

And you'd be right, but they've removed that rather recently. I'd also say that you'd have to be very dedicated or willing to spend money to remain up to date on weapon load outs alone. I really preferred when you'd just get items from achievements and not crafting/waiting around for them.

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This doesn't really add up - the idea of a pre-made main character is just isn't something that's ever existed in Fallout or any of the Bethsoft games, really. I can't see them having a pre-made character with a backstory and narrating the intro and all that stuff. Maybe this is just for a casting call, but that alone makes me think this might not be entirely legit.

Agreed. Also the lack of branching dialogue trees means there wouldn't be SPECIAL or skill checks.

Then there's the fact that the opening monologue doesn't follow the traditional format of explaining what the situation is in the game. "War. War Never Changes" is also never repeated in the Intro. It's said by Perlman at the very beginning and that's it. I think this is another fake.

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What's so horrible about focusing on an aspect that people enjoyed? GTA V focused on heists because people always liked those missions the best in the other games. If the entire industry suddenly moved towards Naval combat games I'd think you'd be making a good point because that's what happened with FPS games for a while.

If it was up to me I would have just got rid of the Assassin aspect and made it a pirate game though. Sometimes its best to move away from a franchise for a bit, or just not make it too much of the same old.

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Well I think it's the better ending considering I didn't romance her at all, and so that relationship never developed in my game, meanwhile no matter what you have to look after and help out Roman.

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I went to the highschool that was the epicenter of the damn thing, and I did get a very mild case of it. I think I had been sick since then, so maybe this isn't as widespread as thought.

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Rising Storm can be very merciless, especially if you play as the USA because you're normally on the attack and suspect to ambushes and snipers. It can be a frustrating game, but also alluring in the fact that you have to play smart and work with your squadmates to even push forward let alone take out some enemy. I like it, but it isn't a game of instant gratification.

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I remember when I was young I woke up one morning to find my brother had stayed up all night and finished Friday the 13th for the NES. This sad image is what you get for beating this frustrating game. Though to be fair, many endings back then really sucked.