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I don't like either of the new Trek movies just because they seem to be an affront to the basics of Star Trek. I like Edgar Wright but I think we'd get more of the same style over substance, but at least the story would be presentable. Conspiracy bunk aside, Orci is just a terrible writer.

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Empire Total War has a beta co-op campaign that they promised would be in the final game, and then was promised to be patched in and never was. It's glitchy. Napoleon's online campaign is a mess, its more like two players vs. each other, and every battle is either autoresolved or the players fighting each other. Rome 2 and Shogun 2 improved this by having the players fight the CPU instead, and offered an actual co-op experience, but the games desynchronize so often that it isn't that good of an experience either.

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As a fan of the series since Rome, it is easy to admit that there is no perfect Total War game, but it is a large irritant to see the series make the same damn mistakes and absolutely lie through their teeth about AI and gameplay improvements.

MTW2 was broken on release and had numerous bugs with unit stats, (shields would remove armor rating and double handed units could not attack cavalry) and still has broken AI that wasn't fixed.

Empire also had unresponsive AI that didn't know how to use ships for naval invasions. Also, one of the patches broke the battle AI which caused units to just charge, and every battle became large melees.

Napoleon and Shogun 2 were improvements, but the series also got more streamlined. Hopefully when they announce the new game this month they'll actually try to make a quality product again.

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Yeah, it sounds like there's some autotune or just some effect on his voice that makes it sound completely terrible.

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I'll watch some sports, but I wouldn't feel bad if I didn't watch any. On the contrary, I'd be embarrassed if I watched too many or was so into it that I cried at my team's loss; why get attached to a team that doesn't care about you at all?

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Empire: Total War. I was really excited for this game and that style of strategy. Broken game. Even after several patches its in a worse state than where it started.

Civilization 5: Streamlined in too many ways, not that fun to play. Still play Civ4 and love it.

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I've heard about the hawk thing, but I never saw it before, thanks for that. My favorite aspect was just the isolation and quietness the game had. The game used its visuals and music well to add in a sense of mystery, for example when you're going near a colossus lair and snippet like 'Green Hills' or 'Lakeside'. It was a good game to play alone and mull over.

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Plot wise, it is a fantastic game. The combat is absolutely terrible and frustrating. Being a wizard is good in that its the only class that rewards you for wisdom/intelligence, which enhances the game and dialogue options. Other than that, the Wizard is probably the most frustrating class in the game; you can only cast spells once a day, which means you need to rest to actually do anything. Sadly, this is not balanced in combat, and most of the spells are crap anyway.

It would be nice if the game got tweaked or remade, just for the combat alone.

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I spared him because the damage was done and his history with Geralt made it seem it was a bad idea. I also did the Roche path, and him saving Triss for me also added into the decision.

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I think much of the muck got brought in from other locations in the net that wanted to turn the discussion into yet another battleground. That said, these sorts of conversations happen here often and I understand that it gets a bit tiring when neither side gives an inch; at times arguments do need to be toned down, but that doesn't mean that discussion should be stopped or barred. As they say, nothing is sacred or everything is.

Having spent alot of time on gaming forums/communities, I will say GB is better than most. All we have to do is be excellent to each other.