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I spared him because the damage was done and his history with Geralt made it seem it was a bad idea. I also did the Roche path, and him saving Triss for me also added into the decision.

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I think much of the muck got brought in from other locations in the net that wanted to turn the discussion into yet another battleground. That said, these sorts of conversations happen here often and I understand that it gets a bit tiring when neither side gives an inch; at times arguments do need to be toned down, but that doesn't mean that discussion should be stopped or barred. As they say, nothing is sacred or everything is.

Having spent alot of time on gaming forums/communities, I will say GB is better than most. All we have to do is be excellent to each other.

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Another She-Hulk? I hope they get chewed out for the rather lazy attempt at creating diversity. How about coming up with new original characters (not that Thor was original or anything)

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@madman356647: It is the internet version of 'The Man on The Street'. I'd be more interested people in the industry's reactions, but they'd probably have to tow the line on this issue. Unless they're a cool studio like CDRP.

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Driscoll, Connolly, Leary, Darmody, Thompson, Shay or Shea. And so on.

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Neither DLC sounds like it is particularly long and worth a pre-order. Creative Assembly DLC has gone a little crazy, like for Fall of the Samurai (Shogun 2) the DLC game had pre-order DLC from specific retailers. I'm pretty sick of it this shit.

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Starting this generation off with shooters like Wolfenstein sounds pretty great, but Wolfenstein The New Order is less like a classic shooter and more like a modern shooter that implements some of the things that made classic shooters great. I'm definitely all for more shooters like Wolfenstein The New Order, as it's one of the best modern shooters I can name, but I don't think it's particularly innovative. Just very, very well put-together.

I agree. I find it difficult to identify specifically what made it more refreshing and engaging, but I really enjoyed it.

Yeah you are totally spot on with that. New Order was a great game to play.

I haven't bought a COD since 4, but having played some of them at friend's homes it seems that I'm not missing much. I haven't bought an FPS like that in a long while. The only game of that variety that I play consistently is Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm, which is more team oriented. That game has you focus more on objectives than your personal KDR, which makes those moments where you repulse an attack way more satisfying.

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The grinding for spells always seemed like a broken system, and I recall reading about the Tornado method on some game walkthrough. Isn't true that you can also get Squall's 'Lion Heart' on disc one?

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Ubisoft was never in good standing with PC Gamers with all of the DRM they used with their AC games. Although things have gotten very conspiracy oriented in the community, it is shocking that these features actually help the stability of the game in regards to stuttering. If this does mean a more stable game, then there's little logic in removing it. Could they have really been pressured to make the PC release only on par with their console releases?

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Is GBNY hiring?