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If anything they now have way more freedom to do whatever they want story wise/gameplay wise because they have no lore to adhere to; they had debates of whether or not they should introduce a crossbow in Witcher 3. Cyberpunk is dark in general, and probably has more of a presence in video games than dark fantasy does, so it will be interesting to see what they could explore and do that would be fresh by comparison.

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I'm not so surprised about the list, probably more predictable than most times, but I surprised Witcher 3 made it on, especially considering no one seemed to finish playing it.

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Yeah, Geralt can tell Vesemir, but Vesemir refuses to follow through until the Wild Hunt is dealt with.

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Broche by a mile, better character and a more interesting path. Perhaps if they got to have Dol Blathanna in the game like they wanted to it would have been the reverse.

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Witcher 3. CD Red doesn't have the best track record on working on release, but I put my trust that they would handle this game well, and they really knocked it out of the park. Also, having bought Witcher 1&2 at discounted prices, I felt that I oughta pay them back some if only for those experiences. Probably the only time in years I've ever pre-ordered anything.

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Witcher 2's combat isn't that bad, except that only some of the Signs are useless. Having beat Witcher 2 on Dark I guess I'll do whatever is hardest.

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If anyone is a lizard it is Benedict Cumberbatch. Just look at that face and those proportions. It is also said that lizardmen are seductive, which explain the deep and sultry voice that people seem to enjoy so much. Just you wait and see when that kid comes out with all scales like in 'V'.

Atleast he is a shoe-in for the eventual Air Force Gator live action movie.

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"It looks like you are watching it"- Guy after Jeff at 1:44/

I never understood it when guys boasted graphics back then. It all looked terrible to me.

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The best takeway of Witcher 1 is how you can see CDPR treat an open world when it comes to weather and time changing the attitude and appearance of NPCs and monsters. I'm excited for Witcher 3 based on the story telling alone. There was alot of novel ideas and interesting characters in Witcher 2, and the choices presented where often grey enough that there didn't seem like a good answer, which reinforces the Witcher's path of neutrality.

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After MGS1 Kojima didn't like that the English localization team had edited some of the dialogue instead of just doing a direct translation, and so in MGS2 you get awkward lines like "We've managed to avoid drowning".

The game has a post-modernist story that pokes fun at the action genre. The game itself has references to the post-modern book, City of Glass including having a character, Peter Stillman, share his name with a character from the novel. MGS1's story almost seems plausible in a science fiction mindset, but MGS2 completely throws that out the window. Vamp can walk on water? There's a secret group controlling everything and they are all dead? Revolver Ocelot is somehow being controlled by Liquid from beyond the grave? It is all insane twist and turns that never intended to have meaning, and fair enough Kojima didn't want to have a direct sequel to MGS2 for a very long time. And then comes MGS4, and all the answers become "Nanomachines, son" (And yes that's Rising and not MGS4)

Gameplay wise it was pretty good. The Shell's environments are a bit too linear, but the game was good in that it improved upon the base game of MGS1. You couldn't run and gun through the game, but you approached could fight it out for a bit in order to escape. Also the game probably had the best Director's cut with all of those VR missions and Snake Tales.