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Thanks I got the first one :D. I was surprised coming this late that not all of the codes were taken. Ty :D. Dota 2 + tribes beta = good winter break!

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If you're gonna put a Spanish one, don't put a European Spanish one >.>

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I play the PS3 version. I definitely agree with number 11. It is pretty distracting. #1 is also very true. The other ones I can't really speak about since I usually play engineer and the only vehicle I ever ride is a tank. So yea to me none of the vehicles seem overly strong but the heli's could use some love. What would be on my list would be some buffs to the recon class because all they really have is their mobile spawn going for them.

Rush maps still seem a little empty but no where near as empty as most conquest maps. I want to punch myself in the face whenever Caspian Border comes up in conquest. And no I am not bad http://bf3stats.com/stats_ps3/thugnastyiii#ps3

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I didn't realize so many students from the University of Kentucky were members of Giantbomb

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I liked the higher TTK from Bad Company 2. It allowed me to kill people who I was way better at aiming then.

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Snipers as they are interpreted now in modern military shooters kinda, I don't know how a game developer could possibly make a sniper useful without falling into the trap of allowing quick scoping. Although fun, quick scoping is pretty stupid.