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One thing to note too is on the Rock Band World app, one of the new hard challenges involves getting 30 stars on Rock Band Blitz tracks, and getting a free DLC track out of it. Ended up getting The Chemical Brothers' Let Forever Be out of it.

People need to get that goal quick, there's only 2000 codes for 360 and 500 for PS3.

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This new mode seems pretty cool. I was wondering if any other duders wanted to start up a league together. I almost already made a league but wasn't sure what settings to put it on. Maybe you guys could let me know the best way to set it up, or you could cut out the middle man and just make it yourself which i'm totally cool with. As far as my preferences I'd like to have a maximum of 1 person controlling a team. Let me know what you think and if you'd be interested.

I'm definitely in. We should all pick teams in the same division or conference and set it to random rosters.

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Anyone interested in getting an EASHL team formed again this year? We few of us played pretty regularly and had a lot of fun.

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I can help out. KevinPestilence on 360.

Dave Grohl songs I have:

Nirvana - Drain You

Nirvana - In Blood

Nirvana - Lounge Act

Foo Fighters - Breakout

Foo Fighters - DOA

Foo Fighters - Everlong

Foo Fighters - Hey, Johnny Park!

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench

Foo Fighters - My Hero

Foo Fighters - These Days

Queens of the Stone Age - Go With The Flow

Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows

Them Crooked Vultures - Dead End Friends

Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds

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KevinPestilence - Xbox 360

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Just Dance by Lady Gaga and Bulletproof by La Roux are really fun in Blitz. If you want packs, I'd suggest the Boston pack, Creedence pack, and the Queen RB3 enhanced pack are probably the best.

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Don't really care about sports, at all. Played a little Madden, found it kind of boring. This seems really fun though.

Is it worth dropping the $10-15 dollars on it (whatever it costs) if I really don't know anything about football?

I'd say yes. It's so far removed from football that you don't need to know anything other than pass to the guy who's open when you're on offense and hit the guy before the ball gets to him on defense. Pro tip if you get the game: Use icon passing (in the options menu). Directional passing is true to the series but makes it a lot more difficult.

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@biggiedubs said:

Yeah, I would say take notice of whatever Jeff says about Blitz, what with once being the best player in the world an all.

Personally, I like my 'passing icons' on, and keeping my offence fairly simple, i.e boosting away as soon as I hike the ball to avoid the blitz, jump-pass as soon as I see anyone remotely open. I go for most fourth downs because I can't punt for shit, and avoid field goals if I can for much the same reason.

On defence, I think the big thing is trying to hit the other teams receivers, and if possible letting the computer do all of the rushing of the quarterback, because chances are they'll be keeping an eye on you more than your computer controlled team mates. Diving at the QB as soon as they hike the ball sometimes works well, but use sparingly.

Avoid jukes and spins, because they take too long (in my opinion) and don't break enough tackles.

Jump pass! Jump pass!

Actually, jump passing is a bad decision if you're not under pressure. Your pass goes slower giving the defense more time to take out the receiver. Just standing turbo passes are almost impossible to stop at times.

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@KamikazeCaterpillar said:

I really wish I could understand how the blink passing works. I will have a completely wide open reliever highlighted and as I hit the button it highlights a player that has 3 guys on him.

Even though the blink passing is in my blood from the originals, honestly just switch to icon passing. It just seems to work better for this version. I don't know if it's because it's been a while or what, but I had the same finicky issues you had with blink passing in this.

And what's worse is that if you use blink passing you have a pretty big disadvantage in online play, because it will show your defender which receiver your highlighting too. Of course this is unavoidable in local play, but why they would still allow the defender to see it online, especially when icon passers have none of that, seems pretty unfair for blink passers.

I was feeling like a blink pass purist for a while but after a game with 5 fumbles because I accidentally passed to a receiver that got knocked down behind the line has me ready to change to icons.

Also, played an Elite League match tonight with 13 turnovers. Shit was crazy.

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Played this game for about an hour today. Its the most generic vision of a Blitz game I can imagine, and the blinking passing mechanic in favor of button icon passing is baffling. Be weary, hopefuls. Try the demo first.

Icon passing is in the options.

I managed to randomly enter a code on the load screen that enabled icon passing for that game. Knowing its in the options makes the purchase somewhat less regrettable.

I don't regret it at all but I also love NFL Blitz.