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Haven't listened to this yet but I'm REALLY enjoying Alex's wrestling-oriented podcasts (like the debut PowerBombcast and the AM thing with Patrick the other day describing Alex's SummerSlam escapades). Hope there's a lot more of this in store for us!

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Wow, without his trademark long hair, Warrior looks remarkably like an older 80's era Sting.

For those who missed it, 2K got the WWE license when THQ went under. This will be their first WWE game.

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As a Chicagoan who also did a 9 year stint in the Bay Area from 2001-2009 and who also ended up moving back to Chicago, I know exactly where you're coming from. The Bay Area is an awesome place to live but it's also unbelievably expensive. You gotta do what's right for you and your family so I wish you the best of luck as you pack up your life to move across the country.


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Hopefully they will get around to re-releasing all the Panzer Dragoon games, especially the RPG. I would buy the fuck out of those games!

Not gonna happen anytime soon; the source code for Panzer Dragoon Saga was somehow lost to the ravages of time. James Mielke wrote an article about it a couple years back. You're right, though. That series never got half the credit it deserved.

I've heard about the PDS source code somehow getting lost and have to wonder just how in the world THAT happened? I'll have to look up Mielke's article which will hopefully explain it since it's simply unfathomable to me that something digital from the mid- to late-90's could be completely lost forever in 2012.

As for NiGHTS, bring it on--I'm buying Day 1 assuming they don't screw anything up And leave the crappy, off-tune vocals intact!

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I'm in. That looked like loads of fun and somehow managed to show us a ton of things we've never seen the Kinect do before. Hats off to Double Fine.

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Well, I *was* interested in this game based on comments I read online and hearing the guys talk about it on the Bombcast but this Quicklook pushed me in the other direction. While cool, the sand physics looked off. Worse yet, the demo just looked incredibly boring. I say this as someone who's purchased all manner of unique games from PSN (e.g., Flow, Flower, Linger in Shadows, etc.). Hopefully the gameplay shown here isn't representative of the full game.