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Dumb move. Unless the packaging says "AC ADAPTER NOT INCLUDED" in huge letters, it doesn't take a prophet to foresee the mess on Christmas day when all those kids open their new 3DS and have nothing to recharge it with. Even if they did that, some people still aren't going to realize that until the device runs out of juice and will contact Nintendo outraged.

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And here I was thinking Sony and EA were just finalizing their deal for EA Access before formally announcing it for the PS4.

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@gorillamopena: If the new Nation actually ends up happening I hope Heath Slater is in it.

Slater is not a nugget.

Glad to hear that Rollins' injury is apparently in storyline only. He sold it like a freaking champ, and damn this reality era for them signaling the dreaded "X" to further the angle.

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Like most people here, I never met Ryan but felt like he was a friend after five years of Bombcasts and Quick Looks.

My sincerest condolences to Ryan's family, friends and the Giant Bomb crew. RIP Ryan.

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I've seen some amazing stuff done solely in Microsoft Paint. If the samples above are the best examples of art produced in uDraw, that makes uDraw look like a pretty crappy product.

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I was fully expecting this to be a big reveal at some point late in the game. Unfortunately it doesn't really work though, beyond the shock value.

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@PenguinDust said:

Longer or shorter than what? I like them to run a bit over 2 hours but under 3.

This. I know why they did it but the 1.5 hour post-E3 podcast just felt too short.

It's pretty rare that I get completely bored by whatever the guys are talking about and I listened to every single second of the 2010 GOTY coverage and this year's E3 coverage.

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If you're concerned about people on your friends list messaging her to play games because she's logged into your account, you can just have the account show up as offline when you log in. That way, she can watch her Netflix/Hulu in peace and you can just change your status to online when you're playing games.

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@JJOR64 said:

Some marketing would have helped Shadows of the Dammed.

Prior to watching the Quick Look here which made me think I might actually want to play it at some point, the only marketing I saw for this game was the "big johnson" trailer which made the game look incredibly awful.

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Unless they're backtracking from having Windows 8 run on relatively low-end machines like Windows 7 does, this will never happen. The 360 isn't cutting edge hardware anymore by any stretch but there are some low-end PCs out there that make the 360 look like a supercomputer in comparison.

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