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@JJOR64 said:

Some marketing would have helped Shadows of the Dammed.

Prior to watching the Quick Look here which made me think I might actually want to play it at some point, the only marketing I saw for this game was the "big johnson" trailer which made the game look incredibly awful.

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Unless they're backtracking from having Windows 8 run on relatively low-end machines like Windows 7 does, this will never happen. The 360 isn't cutting edge hardware anymore by any stretch but there are some low-end PCs out there that make the 360 look like a supercomputer in comparison.

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Uno Rush (the first game was fantastic fun--Rush was pure crap that held none of the appeal of Uno)

Alien Hominid (I knew going in that the game was hard, but apparently I'm getting old and my reflexes now suck)

Shank (really enjoyed the demo but the full game has some major difficulty balance problems)

Jetpac Refueled (bought it because the demo seemed fun and a bunch of IGN-tards said it was a great update to a classic game...it's not)

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Seeing "Unsaved progress will be lost" after I just watched a long, unskippable cutscene or fought through a grueling level but need to end my gaming session. That type of warning should have disappeared decades ago with cartridges that could hold game saves yet a lot of developers still insist on including it out of some bizarre tradition that simply needs to die.

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Another cord cutter here. I know I watch Giant Bomb through my Roku more than I do cable TV.

I'm addicted to the Quick Looks, even going so far as to track down the ones that come up when you Google for "funniest Giant Bomb Quick Looks".

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I started listening some time in late 2008 and have been hooked ever since.

I sampled a bunch of video game podcasts at the time and most of them had hosts who were trying way too hard or dropping random F-bombs to sound cool and edgy and it just made them sound like dumbasses. The GB crew just sound like normal guys talking about games and things they like (Zojirushi!!) who also happen to be pretty damn funny on occasion, which is a big step up from most other video game podcasts if my experiences back then were any indication.

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I recently joined GB and added my XBL account. It still only shows my achievement status as of when I added it and hasn't refreshed since.

Definitely not a big deal but I've been playing quite a few games lately and seeing how I compare to other gamers is quite a cool feature.

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I'm going to venture a wild guess and assume that the console will only be able to support multiple tablets being used in the same session for a limited number of games (e.g., something not GPU or CPU intensive, like selecting plays in Madden).

Considering how lousy the PS3/PSP remote play was, I can't imagine the WiiU will be able to do it better considering it's supposed to be only a bit more powerful than the PS3 or 360.

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@John_Lawlz said:

In a situation of 40k to 30k, I'd most likely say no, but if I made a million dollars, and hated my working environment, 999k might be a better option. You get the idea.

This. $40k down to $30k annually is a much more significant drop than say, $80k to $70k.

If I were your friend I'd keep hunting for a new position that pays a little closer to what she's making now.

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