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that sucks. I was looking forward to that, PT was an awesome teaser demo. I don't know what their financial state is but the future of Konami (and Capcom for that matter) seems a little uncertain. I don't know how you can go so long without releasing anything and only have one or two franchises to hold the tent up with.

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doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. I want Zelda to be good so if they can't finish it this year I'm totally good with it coming out next year.

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@archv1le said:

surprising absolutely nobody

true that. Well there's always starfox this year. Maybe?

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Nintendo games will sell gangbusters on phones. Can't believe they waited this long. I'm sure they were reluctant because they didn't want to undermine their own platform, but still. If they create original games specifically for phones people as it seems they will, people will still support Nintendo's future handhelds in order to play the games exclusive to that.

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isn't Remedy pursuing something similar with Quantum Break? Man, been awhile since we've heard anything about that game..

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well excuse me Princess but I think this is terrible idea.

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Microsoft has been hyper-reactive to the market throughout the Xbox One's development and production since 2013 so this doesn't surprise me. 200 dollars used to be the target price point for consoles in the 90's. 400 is the sweet spot now with 350 probably being seen as a value. They should just make 350 permanent, take the hits, but get more consoles out there.

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I'm none too impressed with 2014 either. I find it ironic that Ubisoft was complaining a few years ago about the console makers holding the industry back for letting the 360/PS3 generation go on for so long. Apparently Ubi felt they were ready for new hardware. Well, funny that their first "next-gen" AC game shipped broken as hell. There were some great games that released in 2014 but overall its kind of making me sad that this generation is taking so damn long to truly get underway.

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have fun out there Patrick. Don't forget to report back in on all things horror from time to time.