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I'm surprised OUYA found a buyer at all. What value do they offer? They proved they couldn't convince anyone they want a cheap android based console.

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that art of Jeff at the top of this page freaks me out and makes me laugh at the same time lol

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I'm shocked to hear this.. geez. I have no words, but long live the Nintendo family. Sorry you lost your leader.

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You know what you get with Nintendo. Great games, mediocre hardware, zero third-party support.

Wasn't always this way. The NES and, in particular, the SNES were great for their day. Have to rank the SNES a bit higher because it wasn't as prone to dirty cartridge contacts preventing games from playing. Everyone made games for those systems. Things started to go off the rails with the N64. The gamecube was a solid piece of hardware but then when Wii came around the install base became huge but I think publishers struggled to learn how to make money on it. Wasn't helping that there was a glut of shovelware on that system. When Wii U came around I think they found out "core" gamers hadn't stuck it out with them through the Wii days even though they positioned it to better compete against Sony and Microsoft. And we all know grandma isn't tagging along to buy a Wii U. She probably gets the Wii out once or twice a year to play Wii Sports with grand children.

So what do they do now? Maybe keep it simple and go back to a traditional system, no motion controls or touchscreens. But then again, if they do that how do they differentiate itself from the competition?

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Apart from the concept of an underground race of really ugly monsters, the story and lore of the gears games never really appealed to me. When I reached the end of Gears 3 it felt like there was so much that just was never developed enough or maybe I stopped paying attention to what they were showing me. Why was the queen human looking again? Anyway, if they can tell a more coherent story this time I'll be happy.

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now then. That intro song

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that sucks. I was looking forward to that, PT was an awesome teaser demo. I don't know what their financial state is but the future of Konami (and Capcom for that matter) seems a little uncertain. I don't know how you can go so long without releasing anything and only have one or two franchises to hold the tent up with.

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doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. I want Zelda to be good so if they can't finish it this year I'm totally good with it coming out next year.

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@archv1le said:

surprising absolutely nobody

true that. Well there's always starfox this year. Maybe?

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Nintendo games will sell gangbusters on phones. Can't believe they waited this long. I'm sure they were reluctant because they didn't want to undermine their own platform, but still. If they create original games specifically for phones people as it seems they will, people will still support Nintendo's future handhelds in order to play the games exclusive to that.