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stop right there. This is complete madness. Wait... on second thought I approve, as you were.

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This is just a reminder to me that I really really need to finish The Witcher Two.

you and I both. good thing they are delaying witcher 3, I may not get to the witcher 2 immediately

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the way I see it this is an annualized franchise so delaying the game is not an option for Ubisoft. I'm sure they were well aware of the issues when they shipped the final code and immediately began working on the post-release patches. I'm not sure how many teams are working on AC at this point but we know Activision has shifted to a 3 team, 3 year dev cycle with Call of Duty and so far seems to have kept the quality standard pretty high.

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I just downloaded and started playing this game. Hope they roll out fixes before I get too deep in to it.

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that's all well and fine for me. I recently been playing Dark Souls 2 again, will be my second playthrough and I'm nearing the end. Once I'm finished I'll be tackling all three DLC packs. So that should keep me plenty busy until Bloodborne arrives.

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Game awards are kind of a weird thing to me. I'd rather see the people behind the games get the awards- not the games.

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I can see how large publishers like Ubisoft have developed their own online platforms and don't necessarily *need* to distribute on Steam but... don't know- it seems like as Patrick says at the end here that the consumer isn't necessarily the one to benefit. I also don't see Ubisoft benefiting either unless there is a conflict of interest here that I'm just not seeing. I'm not huge on PC gaming although I have a pretty nice gaming rig now and have been playing more and more on it (like Dark Souls II which technically is superior to the console versions on a decent gaming PC). Steam is really all I need and don't feel a need to get uPlay or Origin accounts going on top of that. For new games if it doesn't hit steam I'll just pick up the console versions and probably be totally happy with them. For instance I think Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looks amazing on Xbox One and I think as we finally cut free of the older hardware (360 and PS3) the games will continue to improve technically on these new consoles. We'll see how this pans out but my gut reaction is that it might hurt sales to pull out of steam.

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she doesn't want to stay with Ubisoft and make Assassin's Creed games for the rest of her life? Weird.

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Patrick, I appreciate you covering this story but I really wouldn't include these twitter posts in your article- just giving this stuff more exposure that it clearly doesn't need. I think its enough to simply report the story without pointing people toward the ugly details.

I don't understand where this kind of hatred comes from to be directed at someone like a game developer (I mean we aren't talking about a celebrity or political figure here) but I think this is just symptomatic of the internet. Ugly people don't crawl out of the wood-work, they don't have to. They get to hide behind their computer screens like cowards and spew whatever they want anonymously and without paying any kind of consequence.

So, I'm not sure what the solution is to this problem is. Threats like this are serious business and you can't help but take them seriously for your own protection. Somehow there has to be accountability when people do this but if they stay anonymous how can you hold them accountable?

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well I have good news for you man. There is actually more to life than video games. Problem solved.

Side note: I actually think this is probably the dullest time right now for games. Previous generation was amazing and development on new consoles is taking freaking forever to really hit a stride. I've got like, nothing to play on my xbox one right now. I keep checking the store and there's nothing there. When are the games coming? No, not really interested in the next call of duty or assassin's creed. I've been playing those games for years and want something new built from the ground up for the new hardware.

I hope 2015 is the year. If it isn't I'm beginning to think I'll just keep playing Xbox .360 until I'm gone. Cuz I've got tons of great games on that thing.