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well I have good news for you man. There is actually more to life than video games. Problem solved.

Side note: I actually think this is probably the dullest time right now for games. Previous generation was amazing and development on new consoles is taking freaking forever to really hit a stride. I've got like, nothing to play on my xbox one right now. I keep checking the store and there's nothing there. When are the games coming? No, not really interested in the next call of duty or assassin's creed. I've been playing those games for years and want something new built from the ground up for the new hardware.

I hope 2015 is the year. If it isn't I'm beginning to think I'll just keep playing Xbox .360 until I'm gone. Cuz I've got tons of great games on that thing.

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the fundamental issue I have with the walking dead is the treatment of Clementine. Everyone around her talk and deal with her as if she's an adult. So the situations they portray just come off as being corny. She's a kid for pete's sake.

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I wouldn't mind if they delayed it to November 2015. This is the make or break AC game for me. If this isn't the one that sucks me back in I'm probably never playing another AC game after this one.

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I like the first Dark Souls more than the second game but I still think II is just fine. I feel like some areas needed more time in the oven, as they look kind of bad or incomplete. The foggy woods area and the area just past that is one example. I'm playing on 360 and the game looks like an N64 game in terms of the geometry on screen when in the foggy trees. There are almost no effects turned out and everything looks flat.

You are right about leveling, in Dark Souls II you level up like mofo. Seems like every time I beat even a minor boss I was leveling up several times over. Not so in Dark Souls. Another thing that I felt was unnecessary was the effigy stuff. Yeah, it's a pain to see your level bar go down to half but I found this to be more of an annoyance than a real threat to your survival. If you play it smart you can save up enough effigies to get past the rough spots on the game. I have a thought for From Software: how about making the enemies tougher and not make me pop effigies all the time? We cool with that? Alright then.

All in all, I was super super hyped for Dark Souls II given the first game is my personal "game of the generation", but was overall not quite as pleased with it as I was hoping for. But hey, that's just fine, we got more Dark Souls, that's a good thing to me. Bloodborne is right around the corner but I'm still going to be super excited when they announce Dark Souls 3. I'll take another Souls please.

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I think this is actually pretty brilliant. I've never played a Silent Hill game and I'm really interested in this one.

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I remember Daikatana, wasn't very well received. It's been a long time since then and a lot has changed in the industry. Does Romero have what it takes to make a game in 2014?

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this is why "always online" to play is such a bad idea. Although PSN service was free back then I want to say there were still plenty of games that people still couldn't play offline during the outage. I know some games are online only strictly because that's the nature of the game but I think of a game offers a single player experience it damn well better not be tethered to the publisher's own servers in order to function.

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I am not a big fan of these runs, if he beat the whoooooole thing in 18 minutes (impossible I know) I'm interested but glitch runs just don't do it for me. I love skill based or running through games normally as fast as they can. Like during this past event I caught myself watching an hour of a Quake 100% speed run and was fascinated, or like the Funkdoc run of the original castlevania and just beat the shit out of it.

Using glitches to your advantage against AI I'm cool with, but a glitch to skip to the end doesn't really interest me.

yeah, I'm kind of with you on that. A greater feat would be to a non-stop run of game without glitching.. because man that's a lot of play time and keeping yourself from wearing out before the end would be tough. Still, speed runs using any means possible can also be interesting.

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I remember seeing this on the 3DS eShop, almost picked it up based on reviews.

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There was a brief period of time in the 90's I wanted to go to E3. Now I look at expos like this one and not want to be anywhere near them. I love games and I'm a nerd, but this is where the game industry seems to ooze so much of its dorkiness in the front of the public it makes me wince. Remember Mr. Caffeine? Just shoot me.

I hope 2014 gives us some good games in the second half because so far it's been pretty bleak on the new systems. Guess these things aren't really going to hit a stride until next year.