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There was a brief period of time in the 90's I wanted to go to E3. Now I look at expos like this one and not want to be anywhere near them. I love games and I'm a nerd, but this is where the game industry seems to ooze so much of its dorkiness in the front of the public it makes me wince. Remember Mr. Caffeine? Just shoot me.

I hope 2014 gives us some good games in the second half because so far it's been pretty bleak on the new systems. Guess these things aren't really going to hit a stride until next year.

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sneak fucks. man almost forgot that was a thing

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well, I'm sure his blood pressure is high right now. How can the man at the top not be a bit stressed during a period when the company is suffering losses. I sure hope they have Zelda at the show, that's pretty much the last game I'm interested in from Nintendo at this point. Would be real nice to be playing it this holiday season but I'm kidding myself. We probably wont' be getting that until November 2015 at the very earliest. We haven't even seen any concept art yet.

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woah, the animated gifs are getting out of control. Thought that was a 90's thing. God. Anyway, just call it Beast Soul Master 200X, I don't give a shit. Looks awesome.

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I played this a little when it came out. But at that time online was totally broken. Never played a single online match. I take it they finally fixed it at some point?

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yep, last bullet point is the key one here. If they can't prove their code exists in either anything Oculus has developed internally or made available to the public (the sdk) then... well Zenimax doesn't have much of a case do they?

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I don't think they have a case. They would have to prove specifically what Carmack "stole" from Zenimax that is now implemented in the Oculus Rift. Good luck with that.

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SSD all the way

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I could see deep dish pizza's being "pies" but the classic pizza is more like an open face sandwich to me.

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if someone's personality starts to become grating to you not sure there's much that can be done about that. In terms of content on the site, I think it's still great for the most part. I mostly watch quick looks and unprofessional Fridays and of course listen to the podcast every week. I can pass on some of the other stuff but I catch a few things now and then depending on game is being covered.