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Feel great about my O Chem final. Of course, I had a 103.5% and I don't need to do too well to get an A.

I think I'll be okay for Calc 2 for engineers.

Sucks that my GPA matters in order for me to get into med school.

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Squid, worm, cat, fetal pig, cricket, sheep heart, sheep brain, among others. I'm expecting to work on cadavers if I ever go to med school.

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Does it ring the doorbell or do you get an email when it's delivered?

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I should also mention, you most likely going to have to take an entrance exam. Take it seriously. There were a lot of people from my high school that thought it was just a test to see where you were at in education which it was but, it wasn't one of those one you take and don't count. My friend ended up having to take a remedial reading course where they literally had to read paragraphs and answer questions like, "what was the subject?" Do well, and you'll be exempt for some classes.

@duskvamp "I've always wondered about that because you're right, in the UK if I take a biology degree in university then all my classes will be strictly biology. So in the US could I theoretically take "easy" non-biology related subjects just to earn credits and raise my GPA?"

Not necessarily. There is a required number of higher level classes that need to be taken at a university. Higher levels are 300s and up. You can't just fill up your schedule with easy classes and think these credits will count towards my graduation. There will be those years where you might just be doing higher level Biology classes.

"I'm hoping that I'll find it less stressful having more frequent exams spread across the year. "

I don't know how it is in England but, you can definitely have those weeks where all the tests are on the same day or week. Even though they are in the same week but on different days it could add up to a lot of hours of studying that you may no have. I had an O Chem exam and the next day I had an Integral Mastery (for Calc 2) which I had to pass in order to pass the class. The stress can add up.

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The community college has the same classroom environment as high school, in that there are around 30 kids. At least here in Arizona.That's all I see that is similar to high school, besides remedial classes. The big difference you'll see is the scheduling of your classes by you and the 2 days a week in that class versus everyday like in high school.

You're doing biology and chemistry which are major components of my major (Biochemistry). I've been able to take all the sophomore level classes that are offered at the universities for a lot cheaper, around $80 a credit (normally 4 credits for a science class) versus $600 (that's In-State). You coming from another country would put you in the category of Out-of-state which is significantly more expensive (even for Community College). I don't know much about International Students but, you might try and talk to admissions to see if you could qualify as an international student, for the benefits. I see no reason to be in a hurry to take your 200 levels and below at the university. I've been able to get my Calculus and Organic Chemistry out of the way, which pretty much takes care of credits up to my sophomore year. You definitely should try to get the community college education first, if only for the price.

There might be University pathways offered by your community college which might offer benefits to you. For example, my transfer program will lock-in the current University price for credits. They might also offer an honors program; this program, for me anyway, paid my tuition and I just had to take a "Honors Class" which made me do a project outside of class. For example, my Bio 181 had me go teach 6th grade students about rain water run-off, how they need to plan a city to combat this issue, and how to research for and write a research paper.

I could ask one of the guys I know about permanent residency. He's from England and he has to grapple with the immigration issues as well. Here, in AZ you'll end up getting deported quickly if you aren't in line with immigration.

As far as classes go, depends on what you're taking. Tenure is hard to get at a university so you won't have those teachers that just sit there like you might see in some YouTube videos or satirical cartoons. There are those classes, that you'll definitely have to take, like General Chemistry where you'll have 60 or so people at the start and by the time the semester is over there are only 20 or so left. Books can be expensive but, professors will tell you if you need it or not. You could also rent the books. Schedule a meeting with one of the school counselors so you can get a major map going and you don't end up bouncing around majors and possibly wasting money. My community college uses a Learning Management System which is a really nice online application that allow you to communicate with anyone in your class and teachers.

In the end, it's most likely going to come down to cost for you.

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Damn exclusives. I wish I had a PS3 right now.

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Someone at Gametrailers posted a Quicklook of Dragon Age: Origins.

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I should note the mainstream press coverage of this is horrifying, basically everyone agrees he must be brought to justice at all costs! There isn't even scant mention of his rights.

There was a mention of his rights. He could have stayed in the States and used Whistleblower laws to protect him. Instead he runs; It looks very suspect.

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I'd rather give through a Charity. You never now how many homeless people are actually begging so they can eat. There are those that are simply lying. In the States I can see those people that are begging because they need the money for drugs and they start to get withdrawal sickness if they don't get money. When I travel outside of the states children will run up to you asking for money saying "they're hungry" when you can look to the sides and see their parents who, not just minutes ago, rushed them forwards telling them to go ask "that one".

You just need to be sure that your benevolence is actually doing what is supposed to in this world. We'd all like to think that all these beggars are good people but down on their luck. We'd like to think that all these charities are actually giving money to those who need it. The world is insidious and you need to recognize that not all is good in the world.

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@spiderjerusalem said:

Wow, so this is Microsoft saying "Yeah, we were trying to fuck you guys real hard before, but now look how nice we are! Aren't we the coolest?!"

Fuck that.

Not buying is a reflection of consumer unhappiness. Companies respond to money. Remember vote with your wallets. Well it worked when people didn't buy the new Coke-A-Cola in the 80s and it worked for people and Microsoft with the Xbox One. Companies can't forgo consumer wants.