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Hippos? Pigs? At least they're not humanoid-like creatures or super slow. This is the first footage of seen of Bloodborne that isn't clearly in their victorian gothic cities. Makes me somewhat more interested in it.

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The problem is not about whether they cause it, it's about whether they propagate it and allow an outlet for sexist (and racist) ideals to exist without being challenged. To fix that, however, involves much more than just games (or even all media).

Also, I'm with others that equal-opportunity representation in all media is an important step independent of this issue. Even if we proved without a shadow of a doubt that video games make people less sexist/racist, that wouldn't mean we should stop trying to put more female or minority characters in games.

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About damn time!

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This not making 2015 release isn't that surprising. But the follow-up message saying this game won't even appear at E3 sounds dumb as hell.

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It's amazing that it took him hitting someone in the face for the BBC to finally let him go, but better late than never, I guess.

I'm with you, he should probably have been fired years ago from the things he's said but my guess is for every controversial moment where they've lost viewers, they've gained more (or at least louder) fans of the show defending it. At some point the earlier issues have been economical: "does he make us more money to deal with his questionable attitude and comments?" but this was closer to a moral or legal issue of "can we let physical outbursts slide?". I wonder if they were already in talks about not resigning his contract (which would end at the end of March - i.e. the end of the current series) after his past antics - maybe they hadn't fired him earlier specifically to wait until this latest renewal to see if he could keep it together until then (which he clearly didn't).

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@lawgamer: It doesn't make sense for Clarkson to have used this to try and get fired because his contract expires at the end of March anyway. If he wanted to quit, this was his best time to. And if he didn't have this incident he'd be in a fantastic position to argue for a better contract that would keep him happier working for the BBC (or a position to ask for a better position on another network).

Also, if you think two weeks is a long time for this kind of inquiry, you have a very foolish and shortsighted view on what an inquiry is: this actually looks rushed. They have to look at what exactly happened and why. Legitimate arguments could have been made in certain circumstances that the segment they were filming that day was specifically designed to rile him up (which they have done on the show before) which they could use to choose to not fire him. There's also legal information and criminal charges working with the police that they would need to look into. Take with the talks with the other people on the show (Hammond's and May's contracts also expire at the end of March) and it's a wonder they managed to get any of this sorted out before April.

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I'm just hoping Square Enix announces Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts 3 are coming to PC; then I won't have any reason to get one of these consoles. At the moment, I'm content with the WiiU and PC.

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@jesus_phish said:

They announced this at the Playstation Event in Vegas didn't they? Maybe not.

I have it on my Vita. I'd only consider buying it for the PS4 if they give a digital discount to people who already own it. I know they won't give it away as a crossbuy title because they already didn't do that for the PS3/Vita versions.

Yes, they announced it at the Playstation Vegas event in December 2014: this is just them finalising the date for the PS4 release as May 12th (also, it's an excuse to show off their collectors editions/pre-order bonuses (which are inevitably different for each region...)

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I had a similar problem this morning. iTunes would not accept my login details (it didn't say they were incorrect, it just spent ages sending them with no reply until it gave up). I thought my login details were fine but I went into Settings here on Giantbomb to change the password, every time it said that "oops, something went wrong" (I believe so, maybe not exact phrasing). I then tried logging out and back in but I couldn't log back in. Neither my old password or the one I tried changing it to (whether I used my account username or email). So I clicked on the forgotten password link and never received an email. Fast forward to now, at university on my lunch break, and it seems to have fixed itself. iTunes accepted my old password and downloads the latest Danswers, and I can log back into Giantbomb. No sign of the change password request email though.

I think Giantbomb's servers may have just not been accepting any authentication or account details requests for a while (no matter the use, logging in, subscribing, connecting to a third party RSS feed reciever etc...).

TL,DR : Try again now, it should work (it does for me).

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I nominate this Encyclopaedia Bombastica for Tetris Battle Gaiden: It's the happiest I've seen Brad in years.

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