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Link with boobs!

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Fuck all exclusives. Unless they are directly developing or funding a game, I think it should be multi-platform.

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but I'm not the biggest Kojima fan lately.

sounds like a personal problem!

Agreed. Very much looking forward to this.

Patrick had a major beef with the design of Quiet in MGSV. Until then I remember him being alright with Kojima.

That wasn't his only problem. Patrick just seemed to think that Kojima was putting in controversial issues and not following through with them. He even said that there isn't anything wrong with the basic design (or even those tapes mentioning rape) but the context shown in the game wasn't enough to excuse them/explain why they should have been in the game at all.

This also wasn't the first time that Patrick mentioned his issues with Kojima's story-telling (I remember him mentioning it very early into joining Giantbomb in a conversation about the 4th/PS3 Metal Gear Game)

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Because at this point... why not?

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This doesn't make any sense in terms of Square Enix's current business model. They've spent the last couple years trying to get games on as many platforms as possible (including convincing their Japanese side to do the same with franchises like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts getting the go-ahead on multiple platforms). I just don't see how this fits (other than the obvious up-front money thing: but I thought they'd come to the realisation that these business deals don't help them in the long run).

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Fucking dammit?! On the bright side, at least now I have one less game to think about...

Where do Square Enix fit into all this? Are they part of the deal? Seems to go against the model they have been trying to set-up in the company over the last few years of getting games on as many platforms as possible (and a surprisingly big push on PC). They've even got the Japanese side in on it with big franchises like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy being multi-platform; I wonder what the exec.s at SE think of the Tomb Raider move.

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Still screwed up for me: this thread (at time of writing) said 9 views and 173 posts (which is clearly flipped, and this thread has more than 9 posts in it). I'll look to see if adding this comment changes anything.

Edit: Now it says 10 views and 174 posts (which is still wrong) however at least the system did successfuly move this thread to the top of the list of most-recently-commented.

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I don't get it, but maybe in use it clicks or something; or maybe it's just good enough to allow non-competitive keyboard & mouse games to be played more efficiently without needing to be near a desk/flat surface - but I doubt it. That said, if they end up doing what Nintendo does, such as packing in a game with the controller that's been designed to show off what it can be used for (basically okay mini-game collections) I might think about getting it to find out what it's trying to do (and if it succeeds).

Regardless, all controllers look stupid in pictures (the only reason we think others don't is because we are used to them).

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They've made it pretty obvious that Yoshi is the name of the species (and Mario is just racist)

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Maybe with the extra time they can figure out a way to advertise/talk about this game that doesn't leave me forgetting about it a day afterwards (seriously, every time that Evolve is mentioned I have to look up what it is again).