GOTY 2011

What a fantastic year it has been in gaming and so many games I am missing from this list - but I forced myself to only choose 10 even if it makes me die a little inside when I remember some of the titles I am leaving from this list - still here it is; my top ten list for what I believe to be the most consistent year in gaming:

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Posted by RVonE

Took a couple of minutes but it was worth it. Good read.

Posted by Dixavd

@RVonE: Thank you. I had to write it twice because my internet cut out when sending it (and the first time I forget to copy it to a word document first - I probably deserved it) but I think it made me really think through what I meant and it came out much better because of it.

Plus you are a fast reader, nice.

Posted by RagingLion

What is your favourite game fo all time then? And top 10 even, since you seem to be someone who has taken some time over thinking out an exact list.

Posted by Dixavd


I am currently working on 4 lists of my current:

  • Top 10 Games
  • Top 10 Franchises
  • Top 10 Moments in Videogames
  • Top 10 Bosses

I am trying to make sure I totally agree with the games and franchises I mention (wanting to include mixtures of all my tastes into it as I enjoy lots of different genres - however RPG's seem to always win out). So when I finish them (which could take a while since even though I just finished my A-level exams, I still have a couple more weeks starting on A2 stuff before I have some proper time to really think about it over our summer).

The other problem is my favourites change all the time so I will am going to time stamp it and make sure I point out anything from 5 down can be interchangable and depend on my mood. Still, my number one game never changes - Final Fantasy X. I have played Final Fantasy X so many times I have lost count (unlike any other game which I can at least estimate the number - such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which I have played around 4/5 times which is in my top 3 games of all time). Compared to everything else for me Final Fantasy X is way ahead of anything else and when I do write my top 10 games list I will go into quite a bit of detail why.

When I do write/publish them I will remember to message you about it. Thanks for reading my Game of the Year 2011 list.