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Demon's Souls > Dark Souls > Dark Souls 2

Nuff said.

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LJN, obviously.

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So the debut trailer for this new Unreal Engine FPS was released about a day or two ago, and it claims players will be able to "Frag like it's 1999"

According to this trailer, Toxikk aims at getting rid of all the fat that seems to have accumulated throughout the years around the slim sexy body of the fast-paced arena FPS that players used to know and love, and that doesn't come around much these days.

Having personally never been a part of the FPS community (any FPS community at all, it's probably amongst my least played genres in general), the trailer made it look to me like it was a sort of more arcadey version of a Halo game, specially with all the characters having all these clean-coloured futuristic power armors and riding that Ghost-looking hovercraft vehicle. However, I was indeed captivated by the gameplay proposal of a fast-paced, no-levelling, fun-centered multiplayer shooter, and I think I might give it a shot.

What do you guys think?

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Ignore all spinoffs but Birth By Sleep. Birth By Sleep is a masterpiece.

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I hope he realizes that 1000 of the people watching him come from Northernlion... this is so weird.

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Definitely looks like it's gonna be faster paced.
I like it.

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guys what if this is actually the greatest game ever made and these dudes are geniuses and once we get to combine this with vr we'll never play anything else ever again guys

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No, that's the most awesome anniversary gift. You must cherish it.

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1.Bloodborne: Developed by From and directed by Miyazaki. What else could you ask for?
2.No Man's Sky: Procedural Sci-Fi gorgeousness that I hope can live up to its concept

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All I know is now that Project Beast/Bloodborne is real, I have to get a PS4.