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Last Giant damage reduced.

wat r u casul?

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The most important lesson you can learn about Dark Souls is that losing your souls is not that big of a deal.

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They aren't useless, they look sick as hell :D

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Tame Impala are pretty cool. They're one of the rare bands I can listen to without really wanting to change the song.

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Oh god they're going to announce Dark Souls 3.

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It's actually better than Flappy Bird! (But how could it not be, really?)
Edit: 16, by the way.

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Race the sun and Race the sun.

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The Last Of Us decided to delete a part of my save about 1 hour before endgame so I got frustrated, switched the difficulty to easy (I had played all the way up to that point on hard) and rushed to the end. Only negative thing I have to say about TLOU.