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This is so crazy. Change is always crazy and exciting. Good luck with the move Vinny and I hope everyone at Giant Bomb gets to continue to have and execute on your crazy ideas!

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OS: Windows 7

Browser: Chrome


Type Of Player: Progressive HD

Adblock: Off

Specific Problem: Details are a bit thin but lately my computer has froze when exiting full screen on the giant bomb video player. It has happened twice now and has only happened when the video has ended and I then attempt to exit full screen.

This is causing a completely different issue where my ssd need to be power cycled to be recognised by my motherboard before I can use my computer again. I can provide additional details if needed but like I said my computer just stops responding when I exit full screen mode.

Thanks for any help.

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This is fucked...


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I really disagree with a lot of your points. Game grumps seems like a poor choice to research, they do don't do let's plays in the way that would be effected by this change at all. The fact they are losing popularity seems completely unrelated to let's plays 'losing popularity'. I in fact think they are just as popular if not growing in popularity still. And with Internet characters like Day[9] now doing a lets play every Friday then there must be still a reason to engage in that. Additionally your saying that because certain people might be doing let's plays for the money instead of the games then no one should be able to do them. That seems horrifically unfair. Some people really enjoy making that content. And those people are the ones who rise to the top and become the most popular. And then there the fact that you say Nintendo benefit completely from this action when hundreds of indies would say the complete opposite. The outcry from indies saying that let's plays are fantastic press for their games. I'll grant you that indies are a very different beast to Nintendo but I think Nintendo is also in a position right now where they need everything they can get.

Personally I think Nintendo is treating their games the same as other visual mediums like films and tv. When that is not what they are. When I watch someone else play through a game I haven't played i never feel like I've seen that game now so I don't need to play it. In fact if its a really cool looking game it always makes me want to play way more. That's my take on the situation, I think Nintendo has made a very ignorant mistake.

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Started watching "Stuff We Like On Wednesday Live Show" and the timeline for the video continued past the end of the video and off the side of the screen.


Settings for the video are Progressive, HD, Embiggen'd.

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Good luck Sara!

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More luigi!

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Am I the only one who watched the video of the Doom 3 mod and thought that depth of field is completely insane. It's like he's really badly short sighted all of a sudden. Or super drunk. Probably drunk.

Rest of the mod looks like it updates the game really well. In my opinion though the depth of field negates all of that.

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Hey duders, I'll be playing borderlands 2 all weekend on the PC. As I'm in the eu my game just unlocked on steam and I'm ready to go tomorrow.

Steam Name: pete369874125

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I was so sorry to hear this news. My condolences to everyone effected Patrick. Take all the time you need to get through this. But I hope it doesn't take too long, because without your infectious laugh and always fresh point of view, the podcast and a lot of the content on the site won't be the same. Once again, my condolences.