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It makes me so sad that only yesterday will probably never be released in NA because its too "adult" for disney to put out here. Only saw it like twice during a month of ghibli or miazaki thing on TCM years ago but loved it. Also one of the few perfect endings to a movie I have ever seen.

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@jesus_phish: I dont mean to sound like a snob, but most of the time when you think of a video game you know all there is to know about one specific entry of the series gameplay sometime around an hour in (unless its something like FFXIII but thats poor design not depth). Perhaps a better way to ask this question would be "should these be considered video games anymore". Even something as complex as a dark souls cant hold a candle to the depth of a proper Moba. And much like football or hockey the second you think you have your arms around the rules and how they all work and effect the way the games played, it changes.

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@jazz: Recording anything is really CPU intensive so your processor may not be able to handle it. And I didnt mean to highjack your post I just thought you might appreciate the comparative differences from the prospective of someone that has put way to much time into both, and even more time considering the higher levels of strategy that goes with both, Steam has my time played on dota 2 at 756 hours and thats not counting the probably 200 hours I put into league and the time I spent playing original dota or HoN.

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So I have been playing Moba's since 2006, I started out with OG Dota moved to HoN for a while switched back to Dota 2 when the beta started, spent a little over a year playing LoL before moving back to Dota 2, and during that time every time I am asked to explain what it is I find myself saying something along the lines of "its a mix of hockey, chess, and football all played much faster". Yes I get that look you have on your face right now every time I say it as well.

I try to avoid saying something like "Oh its like an RTS but you only get 1 character to control" because saying its like an RTS puts some assumptions in your mind that are 99% false. And while by the dictionary definition of a "game" yes Dota and LoL are games, so is football and people dont consider it a game they consider it a sport.

When you dig into the deep strategy of ether of them (or Meta if your being a Moba snob), I think the comparison to something like football or hockey is a much more accurate assessment of what a Moba is, at any given time there are hundreds of things going on and you may not be able to keep track of them (again nearly 9 years of playing them and I still miss things), but much like football or hockey your not thinking about why that guy getting blown up happened and how it was set up by the play that preceded it, your just marveling in the moment of "MAN THAT GUY GOT FUCKED UP".

This isn't meant as an argument that "esports are real sports" or anything like that, I just have spent a lot of time thinking about this and wanted to get other peoples opinions on the subject. Calling them games and lumping them in with what the traditional concept of a game is just seems a little dismissive to me.

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@someguyjohnson: Ah that would explain it, was it at some point in the past/have they announced plans to re-release it? Or am I going to have to be the guy that buys a PSP game on UMD in 2014

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@fiyenyaa: I think what you meant to post was this

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I honestly dont have as much of a problem with the Dota community as most people seem to (granted I have been playing since '06 so I may be a bit numb to it, or my time with LoL might of made me realize it could be much worse). But ya Dota isn't for everyone but at least you tired it and can state why you don't want to play it which is more then you can say for most people that don't like it.

I think the biggest problem most people have going into it though is they think of it as a video game, which by definition it is but when you really start to dig into the strategy or current meta game you quickly find out its much more like Football or a similar sport. There are hundreds of things going on at any given moment and sometimes its just impossible to keep track of even if you have been playing for 8+ years.

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Someone probably pointed this out by now but you know you can turn off all that voice stuff so that the bots don't speak. And not to slightly highjack your post or anything but as someone thats been playing dota since roughly 2006, while LoL's differences do have there merits the thing that made me realize that I personally prefer Dota was watching the LoL allstar stuff and realizing,

A) Koreans win every time which is boring,

B) that community is literally Hitler (not that the dota community is full of saints or anything but man that league community is far worse which I guess comes with having more people playing it.)

C) LoL's balance is broken at any given time based on which champ riot feels like making the strongest at the moment (usually whatever character is new or got an expensive skin), so one week you will be doing quite well because a champion that you like is currently overpowered and the next week it gets nerfed into the ground.

Dota is not perfect by any stretch but they are pretty good about nerfing hero's in a timely fashion. League in concept is a really good idea but there business model (or maybe just there lack of caring) makes the balance in that game somewhat laughable, and the argument about Cancer Lancer and Anti-fun is invalid since you can shut him down early and hes useless. Not to flame or anything but people's lack of understanding about the meta is not the same as a game being imbalanced.


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The information on this games availability is really conflicted some places say its on PSN other say its not can someone clarify ?

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I am glad that hes back making games, but a multiplayer shooter is the least interesting thing he could of done. But then again if thats what he wants to make more power to him.