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@zeik: I wouldn't say I hated it but it definitely felt a little thin at the time

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I hopped on when this game launched but it didn't seem like there was enough there to keep my playing long term, but every time I see a new trailer for stuff there patching in I get the itch to try it again. So my question is has this game changed that much since the launch or is it just more of that?

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Are you sure it was due to Putin and not Ecclestone being there?

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Hamilton wins 4 in a row!.... and again double points means it dosnt matter lol

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Pirelli should of just told everyone at the end of last season to make new tracks

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@dezinus said:

Well, Rosberg seems confident. I don't think he can catch Ham, though.

This is admittedly my first season watching F1, but it seems like Hamilton is a legit great driver. Where Rosberg is finishing high because his car is so OP

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You know Kobayashi kinda gets alot of shit, but his car has been completely ass all season

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Has Kobayashi finished any of the races this year?

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@t0ffe said:

I won't be surprised if Nico fights his way to a podium finish.

With as OP as those cars have been this year I would think it would be massively disappointing if he didn't do at least top 5. Hamilton started from dead last twice in one race and still got a podium

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@t0ffe said:

Hamilton isn't running away with it like we're used to seeing.

Without Rosberg he has no serious competition, he is going slowly to look after the car.

Probably true, especially when you consider the bad luck Hamilton has had most of this season