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I am super tempted to get this since its on steam sale but I don't know if there's enough of this game out right now to be worth it or should I wait for book 2?

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So Minecraft is finally becoming a game?

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So Minecraft is finally becoming a game?

The irony of these post is that Minecraft in its current sandbox - emergent gameplay form is actually way more of a game than most traditional videogames due to its huge possibilities of player choice.

And in fact game theory-design wise Tell Tale "games" are more like linear interactive stories. Talk about erroneous pre conceived notions of what a video game is or could be.

@fazzle It has no score, you can't level up, you can't kill stuff... It can't be a videogame!

"Make your own fun" things are not games there level editors without a game to export to :^)

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So Minecraft is finally becoming a game?

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I'm so glad they're setting up for Cena to beat Brock at the Rumble.

You do realize that is the right option which means they wont do it.

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I realized I'm enjoying the Wyatt/Ambrose feud because it's reaching Attitude Era levels of stupidity. The god-damn ambulance had fucking smoke coming out of it for literally no reason.

Professional wrestling in North America is at its best when its committing really hard to really really stupid idea's. Remember when Chris Kanyon used to unironically say "Yo Momma" when he got mad?

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So absolutely nothing has changed? Good to know.

Right? I don't understand what has changed except that someone spoke about it again. Square Enix has already said it's a timed exclusivity deal correct? Nothing being said here is contradictory to that correct?

This is supposed to be them "hitting back" over the SFV announcement. Though I dont know in what universe Tomb Raider is on the level of street fighter.

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My strategy of going back and reading what happened after the show rather then watching the show seems to be working well.

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Since no one else has said it I might as well, what if hes actually really good at it?

@tajasaurus: Some would argue it says more to the quality of the writing of the WWE that hes the most interesting.

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I really love the dumb little lean animation in Dragon Age Inquisition when you are walking on uneven terrain and your character puts his/her hand out to the ground for balance. They totally didn't have to do that animation but now I am going to be disappointed in every game that doesn't have it.